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I beat Hep C and and am still recovering

Sorry that I am not blogging but hopefully soon I will be able to begin shortly.

An Indian Prayer Christmas Day

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An Indian Prayer Christmas Day

Larry Kibby

Great Spirit Grandfather,
I send these words to you,
To Father Sun,
Grandmother Moon,
To all of my relations,
To Mother Earth,
And to the Four Winds
The Sacred Seasons of Life.

Today you gave
The breath of Life
To an Indian Child,
In a most Sacred Way.

This Indian Child
Will walk amongst
His people,
With his head held high,
With dignity and pride,
In a most Sacred Way.

This Indian Child
Will stand before
His people,
With honor
And respect,
In a most Sacred Way.

This Indian Child
Will be strong
With wisdom, knowledge
And understanding,
That will come from
The heart, soul and mind,
In a most Sacred Way.

This Indian Child
Will come before
A humble Nation of people,
And like his relations
The Eagle and the Buffalo
Will be their strength
In a most Sacred Way.

This Indian Child
You gave to us in a sacred way,
And with his eyes
He will see all that is good,
And with his ears,
He will hear all that is good,
And the words he will speak
Will be strong and powerful,
In a most Sacred Way.

This Indian Child
That you have brought before us,
Your Native American Indian people,
Will be like his Ancestor’s
That have gone before him
On their journey,
Will always travel
Within the Sacred Circle of Life
In a most Sacred Way.

This Indian Child
Will use
His Eagle Feathers,
His Sacred Pipe,
His Sacred Cedar,
His Sacred Sage,
His Sacred Sweetgrass,
His Drums and Songs
In his Sacred Sun Dance,
In his Sacred Sweat Lodge,
In his Sacred Ceremonies,
In a most Sacred Way.

This Indian Child will be strong within,
His tradition, culture
And religion,
An intricate heritage,
In a most Sacred Way.

Thank you for each breath of life
That you have given to our New Born,
For tomorrow,
Another Indian Child
Will be born the “Indian Way.”

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I took 3 month test, critical as it tells if treatment is going to put it in remission!

I TOLD YOU THAT I WAS GOING TO SLAY THE DRAGON called Hep-C another test of my faith……

12 weeks in on  Hep-C treatment, took  3 month tests, takes a week to analyze . SORRY not able to blog daily. Guest bloggers welcome to keep the blog alive.

There are over 3,200 articles to browse through, feel free to to do so.



Blogging again

Sorry for the illness delay


President Obama with Shundahai Co-founder Mateo

Last May2009 Shundahai Co-founder Mateo was able to meet with President Obama. He discussed the CTBT and presented the president with the late Corbin Harney’s first book “One Air, One Water, One Mother Earth”

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To be perfectly honest I would have to say, that it would be Trump getting upset, with his failing administration and using a Nuclear Weapons on another Country. I can only PRAY,that if he was that mental unbalanced that his orders,would NOT BE FOLLOWED. I grew up in the age of ‘Duck and Cover’ Drills. I had no idea of what a Nuclear weapon, could actually do. I was totally navie, about the dangers of Nuclear Weapons. But as I grew older, in my early 20’s, I heard about The WIPP Project. As a child, I  visited Carsbad Caverns and saw the wonders firsthand of the caverns.

I hear negative feedback about The Waste Isolation Pilot Project. At which point I began my study’s of the possible dangers of Nuclear Waste. What I found change my life forever. Reading all that I could about Nuclear Weapons Waste by-products, I  was shocked to my very core, about the harmful effects of Nuclear by-products. This was in the early ’70’s and not that much information was available, but it got me thinking and that is where I came up with the phrase: NUCLEAR RADIATION RESPECTS NO BORDERS. It has been my catch phrase for 50 years. The more I  learned the more I was to turn my life’s work, into letting  others of Nuclear Waste dangers. I ended up developed my entire life to this project.

I tried to carry-on a regular life. I enlisted in the Navy, two weeks after high school at the instructions of my father who later in life, discovered was an CIA Operative. He knew that Vietnam War was going to happen and didn’t want his first born son, to end up as ground fodder.

At 17, with a top secret clearance, I had access to documents that told the story of Nuclear Radation dangers. I was shocked by what I found out.

John Owen passed away about 10 days ago. He was one of my best friends…

It has been hard the last two weeks, I’ve learned that  two old friends had passed over. One,Adam has passed over about a decade ago, but I just found out. The next day I found out that a dear brother of mine had just passed over. At almost 70 year-old, I have found almost all close friends have passed over. Their are not even enough to count on one hand left alive today.

I don’t make friends easily and to know they are almost gone saddened my very much…


The following is s Huffington Post article that talks about John. We had just reconnected after a few years apart. I was planning to go to LA to visit with him.

John, I miss you more than words can say…

This article describes my friend and brother.


06/08/2015 12:25 pm ET | UpdatedJun 08, 2016

Time Slips a Cog

2015-06-06-1433604528-8818395-IMG_0555.jpgSages In The Urban Jungle

I’m beginning this piece by chipping away at a giant writer’s block. That big ugly monolith plunked itself down in front of me the other day when the boyfriend of my ex-wife discovered I was still texting and phoning and even meeting her for nice dinners on rare occasions. She didn’t even tell me in person. She texted me that she was cutting me off. I even think that was the word she used. I was indeed cut.

Suddenly all the insights I thought I had gained during my seven decades on this earth slipped away. My ability, even my desire to write disappeared. A river of mundanity flooded my floundering ship. In that mood, I walked down to the corner liquor store for a friend of mine who wanted a small bottle of scotch. I peered down at the sidewalk which I check out much more carefully nowadays because of my age. I didn’t want to slip and fall.

It’s been more than half a century since I was a student at Los Angeles City College and lived in the Echo Park and Silver Lake area. I wouldn’t have thought about it further, except for a great universal fart that occurred, tearing me loose from my moorings. Something was missing. It took me a moment to realize what was missing was the majority of my life. The blinding revelation came right after I had missed a particularly large hole in the sidewalk and avoided stumbling and falling. I realized  too I had never really left the old hood. It was as if I had never gone to the Thracian Valley or the Black Sea coast or London or Canada or Baja California or Jerusalem or Melbourne. Whatever wisdom I gained on those voyages was no longer a part of me. I had simply never left here.

When I was a student living in Echo Park, I knew I would devote my life to making the world a better place. I was excited by the things that could be. My earliest mentor in all this had been Jacque Fresco, a futurist who is nearly 100 years old today, and at last word was still living in Florida where he’s yet building the city of the future. In those days he had his laboratory on Riverside Drive, a bit south of Los Feliz Boulevard, closer to Toontown than Silver Lake.

Jacque excited me about the future, but that’s when I wasn’t even a teenager. Now, at a venerable age, I’m struck hardest by the reality of the fact that today’s sidewalks are the same aged, buckling, piss-ridden thoroughfares they had always been even though the stores are all fo-foo and wildly trendy. Still, I think it’s a fair question to ask — if the sidewalks have grown so much worse in 50 years, how can we talk about any future?

Some of the catalyst behind the slipping cog may have simply been that it was summer — never my favorite time in the ol’ hood. The sun that falls in Los Angeles in the summer is hot, smoggy, intense, profoundly dreary and intensely mundane. It is flat, with no spring or autumn sparkle.

And I now have to closely watch where I put my foot so I won’t take a fall from an unexpected fissure created by a protruding tree through the sidewalk.

As I said, I nearly fell. I was happy I hadn’t. But I also realized that it was probably inevitable that one day I will fall on these mundane and dreary sidewalks and die there.

It was a big deal when I left the old neighborhood. I was 19, and my pregnant wife and I moved to Pismo Beach, a couple of hundred miles up on the coast, so I could take a newspaper job. The world travels would come much later, for I intended to tell the various tales that seemed so important to tell. Now I’m probably done traveling. And I’m home, still walking the stifling hot summer streets of the old neighborhood. I’m seeing the same old sidewalks and streets, and I no longer believe we can make this a better earth. We only seem to be able to make it worse. I’m sorry to be so sour but the facts leave me no choice.

I so badly want to make sense of it all. Where did the years go? What the hell was it all about? Very soon after that fateful trip to the liquor store, I needed someone to talk to. I have interviewed many brilliant people over the years, even some great ones — politicians, philosophers, scientists, musicians and the like. I guess it would be interesting to take a trip to Florida to see what my old mentor Jacque Fresco is doing and saying. But I am afraid even if I could go, it would be a disappointment. I’m afraid even if I could somehow sit down in a room with some of my heroes like Mark Twain or Jack London or Beethoven, I would come away disappointed. People are nothing if not human, and that’s a problem.

So I’ll go hang out with a friend who lives in Angelino Heights, one of the oldest residential areas close to downtown. His name is John Owen. He used to be a pretty important bureaucrat in Los Angeles City Hall. He’s a somewhat philosophical fellow. He had a droll way of telling stories of how corruption works in City Hall. He also was a dedicated fighter of nuclear weapons and the like, going to jail for his pacifism many times. These days his activism is mostly relegated to helping the homeless as best he can. He’s aligned, at least politically and spiritually with what’s left of the old Dorothy Day Catholic Worker movement. His two life-partners died on him. He’s resigned to that. He says he’s entirely asexual these days. He’s created a wondrous backyard for himself and his friends, full of odd trees and bushes he brought in over the years. The place looks like a jungle, yet it’s little more than  stone’s throw from downtown. It’s a surrealistic perch even in Los Angeles, which has a number of wonderfully surrealistic perches hidden in various corners here and there.

I confess my doubts and fears to him. He introduces me to a friend, Barry Qualls, who describes himself as a songster from Lincoln Heights.  Barry has spent his whole life seeking stardom in rock ‘n’ roll, and apparently never quite made it. But it’s all good to him. Each day he wakes up is a blessing.

When John does his version of waxing rhapsodically he talks about how “the body of man puts out more light than it takes in,” which is what stars do. He concludes we already are stars.

Owen came to his view because “there was an event in my life. I lost my mind. I was in the process of losing my mind, and then it happened,” he says happily — and not really looking to me like he really had lost his mind. From that event he came to realize that “Everything is connected, it’s far more beautiful than we can tell. Everything is a star, everything is shining, we are the viewing station of the planet. Our consciousness is the consciousness of the plant. This whole earth is one animal, one organism. But then, I alway get I was never born and hence cannot die. And that’s the way it is.”

Was this something like what had happened to me?

Sounds kind of like hippie babble, I say to him, but not in an unfriendly way. So, dear reader, do you have a better answer? I’d still be happier if my ex came home, but knowing that isn’t going to happen, I’ll just go with the flow, man.

I am from LA, after all.

Unfortunately life has gotten in the way…

Was truly hopefully that I would be able to posr more regularly. BUT as the title says, my life has been completed caught up in the VA. After 9 years, I am finally getting my Left Shoulder Ball replacement surgery.  It will not happen till May 1st, but I need to get ready for my surgeries. As they also found Caratics in both eyes that need to be removed. So I will post as I can…



Shundahai Network Co-founder meets with President Obama (This is 7 years ago) but shows the continued interest in Global Warming and Indigenous Rights Issues that I write about today…

May 1May

Shundahai Network Co-Founder Mateo gets to speak to President
Obama concerning issues with the CTBT. He also presented a
copy of “One Air, One Water, One Mother Earth”,
Corbin Harney’s first book.

Does Trump Have Any Idea What He Is Doing?

the White House has published seemingly manipulated versions of President Trump’s executive orders on its official website…

via Executive orders on White House’s website don’t match the official documents — DeadState

Renewed blog, will also cover,items of interest, some of the current political policy and unfortunately will also contains some ads :-(, February 10th 2017

Due to my current financial position, I am using the free site, but will be moving on to acquiring a domain name and an ad free blog.  Hopefully this will happen within the next couple of months.

Please acknowledge that I am moving forward to an ad free site.

Currently I am scheduled to have a Shoulder Ball replacement surgery, within a couple of months, so may be off line again for up to two months. But will maintain my Facebook account at Gregor Gable, as a fall back. I  intend to basically cover Indigenous Issues, primarily those conserning Western Shoshone Tribal issues. But as I am sure that you are aware of the DAPL, Dakota Access Pipeline, which I strongly oppose. Also Nuclear Weapons Testing, which the present POTUS, wants to resume the Arms Race again. OMG, so as a long-term Alternative Energy Activist, I am an even longer opponent of Nuclear Weapons Testing, as most U.S. Nuclear Weapons Testing is done on Western Shoshone lands. Which were granted under The Treaty of Ruby Valley 1863, which is a Treaty of Peace and Friendship. The Western Shoshone Tribe was qnever defeated in battle. They are the decedent’s of The Newe People. Much more on this later.


Triple Treat for Sky Watchers- Tonight February 10th 2017