Come on folks if you want to comment just to get your website or blog mentioned, that’s fine. BUT If your link is to a porno site, SO SORRY, IT DOES NOT GET POSTED. I have folks how used different site’s with same comments and that’s Ok, but porno is not covered by this blog. There is all you want of it out there, but not here.

gregor, Blog editor


Now, for some important stuff to keep the lawyer folk happy.

If I’ve stuck a picture up on here, I believe that it is something that is in the public domain and that it is perfectly ok for me to do so. If not, please let me know by emailing me at, include what picture it is you are talking about and we will straighten it out.

I could say that everything here is fictional and any resemblence to real life is coincidence. We all know that would be bull. That said, if I write a little story that has you in it and you would rather not have your bizness spread about the interwebs, just let me know, and I will do my best to accomodate said request.

If I post something that I did NOT write, I will do my best to give credit to the original author. If I have not given credit, it simply means that I don’t know. Again, email me at if I have unknowingly ripped off some of your stuff. That said, I try my best to be honest with original authorship. giving credit when possible. I do write my own stories and am in the middle of writing a book, concerning my deceased Spirit Leader Corbin Harney (Western Shoshone Elder and past Spiritual Leader) and the organization, he created Shundahai Network. Unfortunately Corbin Harney passed over in 2007, from prostrate cancer, which he got, from working on The Nevada Nuclear Weapons Test Site. He was officially in charge of of re-burying bodies of the Newe People, who had lived there since time immemorial, also he cleaned up and blessed sites that the Newe People used. These site and bodies were found in the preparation of Nuclear weapons testing, but actually all the land, was owned by The Western Shoshone Tribe. Under The Treaty of Ruby Valley 1863. A Treaty of Peace and Friendship, The Western Shoshone were NEVER DEFEATED BY THE U.S. GOVERNMENT.


Material appearing here is distributed without profit or monitory gain to those who have expressed an interest in receiving the material for research and educational purposes. This is in accordance with Title 17 U. S. C. section 107. views and/or opinions posted on all the blog posts and in the comment sections are of the respective authors, not necessarily those of .

“Audio Panton, Cogito Singularis, Listen to everything, think for yourself.”

Feel free to repost on a non-commercial blog/website but be polite and include an active link back to the particular blog post please.

I always include a tip of the hat.gif, shown here, if any material is not my original work , to credit the original author of the article. I hope that this will avoid any misunderstanding of the origins of the posts.

Thanks for reading all this.

Reprinted under the fair use doctrine of international copyright law.
Gregor Gable

2 thoughts on “Legalese

  1. You post lies about depleted uranium — you have never bothered to read of the scientific reports.

  2. I see I made a typo – I can not easily see the fine print – I have cataracts and a computer that will not behave.

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