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Hi, I’m Gregor Gable


I’m a Indigenous Rights, Social Justice and Anti-Nuclear Activist. I believe we need to break the Nuclear Cycle to save this Planet. I worked for 20+ years at the Nevada Test Site, doing non-violent direct actions. I was the very first person arrested at Yucca Mountain. I was arrested uncountable (hundreds) times at the Nevada Test Site (NTS).

This is a record of Corbin’s non-stop fight against radioactivity and his attempts to have the traditional lands returned to the Newe people(after it had been cleaned up) under the Treaty of Ruby Valley 1863 and the people who helped him know as The Shundahai Network.

Shundahai, gregor


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Why Leave Comments- We can all Win through OPEN discussion

Please leave comments, so we can discussion solutions to common problems, as Corbin says “Only, We the people can solve these problems” Please leave an email so we can discuss issues & your blog URL, please.

23 thoughts on “About Gregor

  1. Gregor:

    This is just a quick follow-up with my blog URL as opposed to our company web site address. As you say – with discussion, perhaps we can come to solutions to common problems.

    1. http://docs.google.com/present/view?id=dfpxc5ff_677dhqjvpc9&autoStart=true&loop=true

      Please review and comment on this slide show.
      if you want the html code I can send it to you
      my phone is 831 206 5043
      blog vandenbergprotest-macgregor.blogspot.com

  2. hey, gregor.

    here is a video about the recent installation of surveillance cameras. there is an embed link next to the video, so feel free to use it…


    thanks for yout time..


  3. DEAR Gregor,
    The Internet has transformed how we communicate with the public, but there are still many challenges in making information easy to find. Since you cover ai in Nuclear & Indigenous Items of Interest, I thought you might be interested in a study that my nonprofit published this summer about how people find information online. The study covers three groups: non-profit organizations and cities; web designers and firms; and the general public.
    The study was fascinating on a number of levels, and I invite you to read the executive summary or download a PDF of the findings at http://www.idea.org/find-information.html .
    The survey results sparked ideas about tools we could provide that might make finding information online easier. This fall, we will start beta testing a cool new new navigational tool. I don’t have your email, so if you are interested, you can sign up for our beta here: http://www.spicynodes.org/ or to stay abreast of our (very) occasional new projects, you can get our newsletter here: http://www.idea.org/newsletter.html

  4. Hi
    Thank you for your blog…
    It’ s quite interesting …
    So much – too much to say !!!

    I am animator as well on the following group :

    Take care my Friend
    Domy from France

    …..In the Spirit of Crazy Horse …
    With all my Love
    I think of you every day …

  5. Hi, I saw your article on El Paso and contamination. No surprise they didn’t find any problems. El Paso drills wells on our ranch and it is a disaster. I made a website and blog to show exactly how these companies are operating on our ranch. I take the photos, I make the youtube movies. It is going on today in south texas. It’s so sad that they get away with it.
    my website is

  6. Hello,
    I have seen nothing on this site that would convince me that nuclear power is a terrible thing. Since climate change is about to destroy most of the life on earth as we know it, and destroy 5/6ths of all species on earth including possibly humans, and we only have about 5-10 years to find carbon free power, shouldn’t nuclear power be part of that solution? I honestly don’t know what the objections to it are beyond that which can be dealt with by better equipment and better training. Isn’t that doable? I don’t understand the objections to a carbon free source of power. Not all or even many nuclear plants leak radiation.

  7. Hi Shelly T,

    Do you have children?

    That’s what this blog real purpose is so that we can deal with the existing problems so our kids will have a chance at survival. I base my actions on the seventh generation and what we(I) do and how it will effect them.

    You say Not all or even many nuke plants leak, Look thru my blog and see how many are reported to have leaked.

    But I can tell you are just too practically so I will leave you with two examples and the ball is in your court 1) 3-Mile Island 2) Chernobyl. Do you know the true statistician analysis of what happened. The info out there, go look for your self.

    I have not given up on Life, while you seem to accept it, So sad, your life must be. I’m a Vietnam Vet with PTSD, no rich, carefree person here, but life is worth living. even if it took 4 suicide attempts to find that fact out.

    We, you and I have have a chance to make the world a better place for our kids. But there is also a corner to crawl up into and curl up and give up and die. I choose life for my kids and the seventh generation

    Kind,Regards,gregor Blog Editor

  8. great blog. seems we are working a common issue.
    adding your link to my site.
    latest story out today: NRC pushes nukes (at any cost)

  9. I keep the FIrst Nations politics in perspective in a very simple way:

    The First Nations peoples were the ones who met my family getting off the boat. They were here first.

    The rest is politicised commentary, racism and logistics.

  10. “and we only have about 5-10 years to find carbon free power, shouldn’t nuclear power be part of that solution?”

    My dear Shelley. I believe you are mistaken. How do you envisage that in 5 or 10 years time we would have constructed enough nuclear reactors to halt CO2? My country Australia, is in the throes of a uranium renaissance. One U mine alone takes from the Great Artesian Basin, 35 million litres per day free of charge for 70 years. Currently there are some dozen tenements awaiting the green light. Australia has experienced the hottest period in living memory. Droughts, desertification, salinity, corporate thugs and brutalised cloven hooved commercial animals have trashed our ecosystems. Remember too the US has the greatest number of nuke reactors on the planet though they are the greatest emitters of CO2. Nuclear spin is strictly for the Nuclear beast, its false prophets, its harlots and its harlots’ progeny.

    Cheerio from the land of OZ. I wish you well Gregor.

  11. Hey Gregor, here is the link to an article we did about a legislator who has special interest ties to the nuclear energy industry. The story is very controversial. Take a look when you have a second.


  12. Shanti, fellow traveler. Just leaving my prints so you know I roamed in from Coal Man’s View. Been anti-nuke everything ever since I learned just what a ‘half-life’ meant in an Organic Chemistry course. The killers you can’t see, smell, feel, or hear–and lethal for thousands and thousands of years–NOW that’s a horror story.
    Odd that the only Stephen King book I ever read from cover to cover was The Tommyknockers–I enjoyed most the Poet beating the Nuclear Power Plant Man with his umbrella–because the Poet knew the truth that the Nuke Man was lying about even to hs own wife. Yeah. King whacked that nail right on the head.
    Old adage –don’t ‘shit’ where you eat.–and we all get that, right? Or do we?

  13. This blog rocks! I gotta say, that I read a lot of blogs on a daily basis and for the most part, people lack substance but, I just wanted to make a quick comment to say I’m glad I found your blog. Thanks, 🙂

    A definite great read.. <a href="http://wiki.hudson-ci.org/display/~bill-bartmann&quot;


  14. If you’re still interested in following the Kansas City Plant…

  15. Wow, this site rocks! Keep it going, Gregor,
    because your info is always so thorough.

    I consider you one of the reasons Shundahai was
    so successful for so many years. You really
    put your heart and soul into quality and purity
    in terms of info.



  16. Native Youth Alliance November 29, 2009 — 11:15 am

    Nathan and Shoshana of Native Youth Alliance here. Yes, we remember Corbin Harney from the many actions at Nevada Test Site we participated in from 1990-93. Nathan many times led us to the Cattle Guard with the drum and helped with the ceremonial fires. NYA continued the Healing Global Wounds Pow Wow in Washington, DC, for 8 years, which Corbin attended some years; and we held a youth environmental conference about nuclear issues at the White House. At one or more of the Test Site events we were exposed to radiation, and Shoshana has been fighting Bone Marrow Cancer for the last 8 years as a result. We are now in Ann Arbor, MI, receiving treatment. We can be reached at NativeYouthAlliance@yahoo.com. Can anyone help us with our cancer relief project, Heritage of Healing? You can read about it in Indian Country Today at http://www.indiancountrytoday.com/archive/28397739.html. It would be nice to hear from any other Test Site folks.

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  21. Lonnica Montoya June 30, 2017 — 2:56 pm

    My son is corbin Harneys great grandson.I feel any royalty should go to family (blood) as to preserve an ansestors legacy be intact and any publications or copy rights,should remain with next of Kin, His,eldest daughter Reynelda.

    1. Any money, if I am able to finish this work will go Poo-Ha-Bah, Corbin’s Healing Center or for more Copies of The Book so that it can be placed in more Native American Libraries.. .
      This is a labor of love, I will not receive any money from it. It is to pass his knowledge to other people

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