Ever Wonder where the default YouTube movie is in WordPress

Ever Wonder where the default YouTube movie is in WordPress


Soviet bunker as theme park

Išgyvenimo drama opened in early 2008 to some controversy. Tourists pay 120 LTL ($US 220) each to step back into 1984 as a temporary USSR citizen for 2.5 hours. On entry, all belongings, including money, cameras and phones, are handed over and under the watchful eye of guards and alsatians, tourists change into threadbare Soviet coats and are herded through the bunker.

Experiences include watching TV programs from 1984, wearing gas masks, learning the Soviet anthem under duress, eating typical Soviet food (with genuine Soviet tableware) and even undergoing a concentration-camp-style interrogation and medical check.


Humor of the Day: Don’t Forget Email Etiquette

This is an original Walt Disney cartoon with Donald Duck, uploading it for all Disney fans like me, Have fun !!!!!


Pranksters Distribute Fake New York Times Declaring ‘Iraq War Over’

Please read article, cited after the quote. Articles open in a new window.

The US defence department yesterday declared the end of the Iraq war and the immediate withdrawal of all troops, prompting an admission from Condoleezza Rice that the Bush administration knew all along that Saddam Hussein had no weapons of mass destruction, according to the New York Times.

the work of pranksters The Yes Men]Fake New York Times: the work of pranksters The Yes Men

On second thought, that introductory paragraph needs a little clarification. The New York Times proper didn’t report the end of the Iraq war. But a spoof 14-page “special edition” of the newspaper, circulating free on the streets of Manhattan today, did carry those items. It was printed in a form that was so high quality and technically accurate that many New Yorkers were nonplussed, backed up by an entire “New York Times” website that equally faithfully mimicked the original.

Dated July 4 2009, and boasting the front-page motto: “All the news we hope to print” in a twist on the daily’s famous phrase “All the news that’s fit to print”, the fake paper looks forward to the day the war ends, and envisages a chain of events that would be manna from heaven for American liberals.


Russian Sailor Caused Nuclear Submarine Accident, Interfax Says

Please read article, cited after the quote. Articles open in a new window.

Nov. 13 (Bloomberg) — A sailor set off the fire extinguishing system on a Russian nuclear submarine that killed 20 people in the deadliest incident since the sinking of the Kursk eight years ago, Interfax reported, citing the Prosecutor-General’s Office.

The crew member of the Akula-class vessel switched on the system without authorization, the news agency cited Vladimir Markin, spokesman for the investigative arm of the prosecutor’s office, as saying.

“He has already admitted his guilt,” Markin said.


Due to Doctor Appointments, This blog will be later today

Due to Doctor Appointments, This blog will be later today

Lovely photo of Lemming skeleton

Lovely photo of Lemming skeleton

Lemming Hard Times

This intensely beautiful photo, credited E. Leslie, accompanies a Science News article about how climate change has been negatively impacting the population of Norway lemmings. From Science News:

Norway lemmings, Lemmus lemmus, are about half the size of a guinea pig and live in nests beneath the snow during the winter months. When the snowpack is light and fluffy, warmth from the ground melts small spaces under the snow that the lemmings use to forage for sedges, grasses and mosses without being exposed to predators. But in recent years, warmer winter temperatures have rendered the snow less fluffy. That, in turn, has made the snow more likely to melt and refreeze at ground level, coating the ground with ice and making life more difficult for lemmings.

Climate Change Stifling Lemmings