To be perfectly honest I would have to say, that it would be Trump getting upset, with his failing administration and using a Nuclear Weapons on another Country. I can only PRAY,that if he was that mental unbalanced that his orders,would NOT BE FOLLOWED. I grew up in the age of ‘Duck and Cover’ Drills. I had no idea of what a Nuclear weapon, could actually do. I was totally navie, about the dangers of Nuclear Weapons. But as I grew older, in my early 20’s, I heard about The WIPP Project. As a child, I  visited Carsbad Caverns and saw the wonders firsthand of the caverns.

I hear negative feedback about The Waste Isolation Pilot Project. At which point I began my study’s of the possible dangers of Nuclear Waste. What I found change my life forever. Reading all that I could about Nuclear Weapons Waste by-products, I  was shocked to my very core, about the harmful effects of Nuclear by-products. This was in the early ’70’s and not that much information was available, but it got me thinking and that is where I came up with the phrase: NUCLEAR RADIATION RESPECTS NO BORDERS. It has been my catch phrase for 50 years. The more I  learned the more I was to turn my life’s work, into letting  others of Nuclear Waste dangers. I ended up developed my entire life to this project.

I tried to carry-on a regular life. I enlisted in the Navy, two weeks after high school at the instructions of my father who later in life, discovered was an CIA Operative. He knew that Vietnam War was going to happen and didn’t want his first born son, to end up as ground fodder.

At 17, with a top secret clearance, I had access to documents that told the story of Nuclear Radation dangers. I was shocked by what I found out.

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