Renewed blog, will also cover,items of interest, some of the current political policy and unfortunately will also contains some ads :-(, February 10th 2017

Due to my current financial position, I am using the free site, but will be moving on to acquiring a domain name and an ad free blog.  Hopefully this will happen within the next couple of months.

Please acknowledge that I am moving forward to an ad free site.

Currently I am scheduled to have a Shoulder Ball replacement surgery, within a couple of months, so may be off line again for up to two months. But will maintain my Facebook account at Gregor Gable, as a fall back. I  intend to basically cover Indigenous Issues, primarily those conserning Western Shoshone Tribal issues. But as I am sure that you are aware of the DAPL, Dakota Access Pipeline, which I strongly oppose. Also Nuclear Weapons Testing, which the present POTUS, wants to resume the Arms Race again. OMG, so as a long-term Alternative Energy Activist, I am an even longer opponent of Nuclear Weapons Testing, as most U.S. Nuclear Weapons Testing is done on Western Shoshone lands. Which were granted under The Treaty of Ruby Valley 1863, which is a Treaty of Peace and Friendship. The Western Shoshone Tribe was qnever defeated in battle. They are the decedent’s of The Newe People. Much more on this later.



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