Back in the saddle, again February 9th 2017


Back in the saddle again…

I hope to have this blog updated on a regular basis, my life has gotten in the way.

After Fracturing both ankles and the bones in right lower leg, last February. I  spent 4 1/2 months laying in a Rehab Hospital, after getting back on my feet and learning to walk again. It was in the middle of the summer heat. I started walking at the Millcreeek Community Center, in Utah, not far from where I live, in November. Spending most of my time in personal work out to develop balance and endurance in walking. Now can walk 2 3/4 miles in less than 40 minutes.  I have added the lateral stepper to my routine. Three days of the week and most of the other time putting my life back in order.

Trying to keep abreast of the Resistance Movement and trying to adapt to the new POTUS and his Cabinet chooses. I feel that he is running the country as a profit based business opportunity. I’m very disappointed in his Cabinet chooses. I don’t think that they have the best intrest of our Country, in mind,to say the least.

Hope to be updating on a regular basis soon. I’m still here, wanting to provide insight into Indigenous  and Nuclear Issues of Intrest.

I will say the putting sanctions on Iraq for testing a missle launch is really not a good idea. As we, ourselves are planning a missle launch ( capable of carrying a Nuclear Weapon) next week.


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