Shundahai Network Co-founder meets with President Obama (This is 7 years ago) but shows the continued interest in Global Warming and Indigenous Rights Issues that I write about today…

May 1May

Shundahai Network Co-Founder Mateo gets to speak to President
Obama concerning issues with the CTBT. He also presented a
copy of “One Air, One Water, One Mother Earth”,
Corbin Harney’s first book.


Does Trump Have Any Idea What He Is Doing?

the White House has published seemingly manipulated versions of President Trump’s executive orders on its official website…

via Executive orders on White House’s website don’t match the official documents — DeadState

Renewed blog, will also cover,items of interest, some of the current political policy and unfortunately will also contains some ads :-(, February 10th 2017

Due to my current financial position, I am using the free site, but will be moving on to acquiring a domain name and an ad free blog.  Hopefully this will happen within the next couple of months.

Please acknowledge that I am moving forward to an ad free site.

Currently I am scheduled to have a Shoulder Ball replacement surgery, within a couple of months, so may be off line again for up to two months. But will maintain my Facebook account at Gregor Gable, as a fall back. I  intend to basically cover Indigenous Issues, primarily those conserning Western Shoshone Tribal issues. But as I am sure that you are aware of the DAPL, Dakota Access Pipeline, which I strongly oppose. Also Nuclear Weapons Testing, which the present POTUS, wants to resume the Arms Race again. OMG, so as a long-term Alternative Energy Activist, I am an even longer opponent of Nuclear Weapons Testing, as most U.S. Nuclear Weapons Testing is done on Western Shoshone lands. Which were granted under The Treaty of Ruby Valley 1863, which is a Treaty of Peace and Friendship. The Western Shoshone Tribe was qnever defeated in battle. They are the decedent’s of The Newe People. Much more on this later.


Triple Treat for Sky Watchers- Tonight February 10th 2017





Betsy DeVos, The End of Public Education in America

Betsy DeVos is a proponent of the school voucher system, which essentially means giving tax credits to anyone who sends their kids to anything that isn’t public school.

via Homeschooling requirements are garbage and Betsy DeVos will only make it worse — DeadState

Addition information on DeVos

1) She has stated ‘That School Teachers are over payed.

2) She believes that children should be part of the work force. Instead of being involved in Sports or Social Clubs (creating social bonds with one’s own peers). I  feel that children, should be able to be children, not worker bees.

The last two remarks are the opinion of Gregor Gable and not part of the above linked blog post.

Back in the saddle, again February 9th 2017


Back in the saddle again…

I hope to have this blog updated on a regular basis, my life has gotten in the way.

After Fracturing both ankles and the bones in right lower leg, last February. I  spent 4 1/2 months laying in a Rehab Hospital, after getting back on my feet and learning to walk again. It was in the middle of the summer heat. I started walking at the Millcreeek Community Center, in Utah, not far from where I live, in November. Spending most of my time in personal work out to develop balance and endurance in walking. Now can walk 2 3/4 miles in less than 40 minutes.  I have added the lateral stepper to my routine. Three days of the week and most of the other time putting my life back in order.

Trying to keep abreast of the Resistance Movement and trying to adapt to the new POTUS and his Cabinet chooses. I feel that he is running the country as a profit based business opportunity. I’m very disappointed in his Cabinet chooses. I don’t think that they have the best intrest of our Country, in mind,to say the least.

Hope to be updating on a regular basis soon. I’m still here, wanting to provide insight into Indigenous  and Nuclear Issues of Intrest.

I will say the putting sanctions on Iraq for testing a missle launch is really not a good idea. As we, ourselves are planning a missle launch ( capable of carrying a Nuclear Weapon) next week.