More TOS Infringement Information

Greetings to My Constant Readers,


IF ANYONE FEELS THAT I POSTED THEIR MATERIALS PLEASE LET ME KNOW IMMEDIATELY. USE THIS LINK FOR ANY DUBIOUS POSTS/ARTICLES. CLICK HERE TO EMAIL ME Please put PROBLEM  in Subject line. I get hundreds of emails a day. I HAVE TRIED/GOTTEN TO GET PERMISSION FROM ALL FULLY PUBLISHED POSTS, OTHERWISE I’M JUST MAKING A COMMENT AND PUTTING A SNIPPET OF AN ARTICLE/POST FOLLOWED BY THE ACTUAL LOCATION OF OF THE ARTICLE/POST, What ever happened to Fair Use as defined by Cornell University- I am just trying to preform a public service, here. I make no money or sell anything. PLEASE IF THERE IS A TOS VIOLATION, EMAIL ME HERE. Email mail me here if you wish to submit a guest blog. Explain what you wish to post, please have it ready, and if it meets the Board of Directors criteria, your post will be posted and you will be notified as to the blog link. Gregor, Blog Editor

New Feature for the blog as many have noticed with the number of longer stories, there is more going to the next page and then again going to the next page to get to all of the stories. Starting now I am using a WordPress feature that will allow me to sub-divide stories, if you want the rest of the story, just click on the “read more icon” or just go to the next story and read that one.Hopefully, this will allow most days to only have to go to two ( or three) main page(s) to read all the stories (so much info, so little reader time) But remember if you use the read more icon, you will have to backspace to return to the main blog. So that you can read the rest of the day stories.

Kind, Regards, Gregor, Blog editor

PS: Feel free to comment (porn or drug spam gets caught ever time, don’t try) and I always welcome and wish for opposing views from (or those with the same view point as myself) any guest blogger. Email mail me here if you wish to submit a guest blog.


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