Briggs: Climate change may be unstoppable

Please read article, cited after the quote. Articles open in a new window.

At age 59, this Coast Salish man from the Tulalip Tribes has spent his adult life anticipating an unprecedented climate change that will alter life as we know it. Now, almost a year after an aneurysm that brought him to death’s door, Williams is like an indigenous evangelist for the earth, saying, “Get ready.”

Speaking this week at Evergreen State College to the Master’s in Tribal Public Administration class, Williams said the climate is changing faster than ever before in earth’s history. The signs are all around us. They include temperature extremes – unusually hot or cold weather. Spring arrives early, as do winter floods.

The result of a few degrees one way or another is enough to upset the balance of life, Williams says. Some animals that are central to our cultural consciousness may not survive another human generation.


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