Citizens Energy responds to Cameron opponents

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The contest between two major power companies to win the right to develop a wind farm in the Grey Mountain area of Cameron Chapter has created tension there as community members divide themselves into one of possibly four camps – pro-IPP/Sentra, pro-Citizens, the neutral and the yet-to-be-informed.

Citizens Energy Corporation Chairman and President Joseph P. Kennedy II has responded to an ad that Cameron Chapter President Edward Singer placed in at least two newspapers in northern Arizona.

One is reminded of the old adage asking whether it was the chicken or the egg that came first in sorting out a history that runs as far back as 2005: Singer purports that IPP/Sempra was the first up at the plate; O’Connor claims that Citizens predates IPP/Sempra by two years. The dispute may be the result of the fact that IPP/Sempra began its conversation at the chapter level, whereas Citizens started at the Window Rock level.


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