George Washington, Under the Bus

George Washington, Under the Bus

The AP is reporting that Barack Obama is back to his old tricks of implying that anyone who does not support him, or dare criticize him is a horrible racist.  I think this time though, he may have gone too far.  While speaking on the campaign trail, Obama had the audacity to actually try to distance himself from the founding fathers of our country:

Democrat Barack Obama, the first black candidate with a shot at winning the White House, says John McCain and his Republican allies will try to scare them by saying Obama “doesn’t look like all those other presidents on the dollar bills.”

When asked by reporters if he was “playing the race card” Obama spokesman Robert Gibbs simply replied, “No”.  So then, what did Obama mean?

“What Barack Obama was talking about was that he didn’t get here after spending decades in Washington,” Gibbs said.

That’s right, because both Washington and Lincoln became President after spending decades as “Washington insiders”.  Washington even had the nerve to name the city after himself.  Oh, wait, maybe that’s not right…

1790–Congress moves the capital from New York to Philadelphia for ten years. After that, the federal government is to move to a permanent site on the Potomac River selected by Washington, who is trusted by both North and South

So Washington, President from 1788-1796, never even lived in Washington, it didn’t even exist while he was president…hmm.  Well he did help PLAN the city, so maybe that is the same thing.   I think it is clearly obvious that Obama absolutely was race-baiting with his comments.  What other attribute would he be talking about that makes him different from these great men that he would want to point out, other than race?

But it also reinforces some other ugly things that people close to him have said about our country.  First Michelle Obama said, in reference to her husbands bid for the presidency, ”for the first time in my adult lifetime I am really proud of my country…”,  and then we heard his pastor of twenty years say, “The government gives them the drugs, builds bigger prisons, passes a three-strike law and then wants us to sing ‘God Bless America.’ No, no, no, God damn America, that’s in the Bible for killing innocent people”.  It is starting to look like Obama has very different view of what it means to love your country.  And it includes bashing our founding fathers, blaming Americans of killing innocent people, accusing anyone who disagrees with you of racism…oh and why not throw in disrespecting our injured troops by basking in the limelight of the lapdog press rather than visiting them and boosting morale.  And for good measure, let’s throw in a close associate who shows his love of country by posing for photos like this:

I have never been one of those to overtly proclaim my patriotism or wield it as a weapon against people who disagree with me politically, much like Bush did in the 2004 election.  And I’ve never agreed with those who would make flag-burning un-constitutional. But I do love my country, and I do expect anyone even considering running for President to not only be patriotic in the extreme, but to respect our country’s history, symbols, and the sacrifices of the men and women who founded it, and continue to protect it.

Obama may think he found a clever way to imply that anyone who opposes him is racist.  His lackeys have been going out of their way to do the same thing.  Just take a look at what the exalted atrios posted on his site yesterday (although I always thought that he, along with digby, have always been prime examples of the snobbery and elitism that has made the “progressive blogosphere” insufferable–who knew he was a race-baiting tool too):

He’s An Uppity Negro Who Wants To Fuck Your SisterIt is the path that the McCain camp has chosen. They’re allowed. But if the word “presumptuous” comes out of the mouth of a journalist one more time I’m gonna go Elvis on the teevee.

Veeery classy, asshole.  I’m thinking he gets his kicks by being able to say such racist crap due to the atmosphere created by the Obama campaign.  This sort of nastiness is spreading, and contrary to what they say, it is not an “open discussion about race”.  A caller on NO WE WON’T last night mentioned Whoopi Goldberg’s disgusting tirade recently on The View.  What on Earth was she thinking?  If you don’t want other people using racial epithets, how bout not using it repeatedly on a popular daytime program when CHILDREN are apt to be watching you.  Jeez these people are about as tone deaf as a doorknob.

So today we got a twofer from Barack.  He plays the race card and bashes America’s founding fathers in one fell swoop.  It begs the question,  if Obama is so repulsed by Washington, the presidency and the country, why does he want the job other than to destroy it?  This man does not deserve to be anywhere remotely close to the White House.

Of course the irony is that while he doesn’t like the sight of the money, he sure loves the smell of it.