Action Alert: Nevada Test Site Environmental Impact Statement

For all of my friends who are peace activists, this is an important call to action. Nevada Desert Experience has created a form email that needs to be signed by as many people as possible by Friday, October 16. Please follow the link at the bottom and take action!

The government is once again considering expanding the use of the Nevada Test Site which currently remains prepared to resume full nuclear weapons testing by presidential order. It is managed by the National Nuclear Safety Administration. This Site Wide Environmental Impact Study will determin the direction of the NTS for the next 10 years. 2 main points are:

1. The scope of the SWEIS needs to include the possibility of closing the NTS in its entirety. Closing the Test Site would be a concrete, confidence-building sign to the world that the United States will not enlarge or re-shape its nuclear stockpile and is sincere in working for nuclear disarmament.

2. The Nevada Test Site land rightfully belongs to the Western Shoshone Nation, and their wishes should be paramount. The Treaty of Ruby Valley (1863) grants their Nation the NTS land and more. They should have the final say regarding any of the work mentioned in this message or the SWEIS.


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