The Nature Way due out in September

The Natures Way

"The Natures Way"

“The Nature Way” by Corbin Harney, As told to and Edited by Alex Purbrick
Corbin Harney was born into a Shoshone family on the Nevada-Idaho border. His grandparents raised him in the traditional ways of their people teaching him the ancient spiritual beliefs that sustained …

In case you don’t know or I’ve forgotten to tell you, “The Nature Way” by Corbin Harney is due to be released in September 2009.
To pre-order copies of the book or to look at The UN Press website for more info please check out:


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  1. This book could not have been done, except fot the years of dedicated work by Alex Purbrick. She is not getting one penny for all the years of her work,

    Please check her web site for children books at
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