NRC seeks decommissioning fund information for 26 reactors

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NRC wants information on decommissioning funding for 26 reactor units at
18 plants, the agency said in a June 19 statement. The NRC said it has
contacted the licensees "to clarify how the companies will address the recent
economic downturn's effects on funds to decommission reactors in the future."
Operators are required by law to set aside decommissioning funds during
reactors' operating lives, and NRC said its "review of the latest reports on
the decommissioning funding assurance suggest several plants must adjust their
funding plans." NRC said the reactors in question are Beaver Valley-1,
Braidwood-1 and -2, Browns Ferry-1, -2 and -3, Byron-1 and -2, Calvert
Cliffs-1, Clinton, Duane Arnold, Ginna, Indian Point-2, LaSalle-1 and -2, Nine
Mile Point-1 and -2, Palisades, Point Beach-1 and -2, River Bend, Sequoyah-1
and -2, Vermont Yankee, Waterford and Watts Bar-1. Tim McGinty, director of
policy and rulemaking in NRC's Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation, said in
the statement that agency staff will "discuss this with the plants over the
next few weeks so they can explain to us how they'll get the funds back on
track to account for their decommissioning cost estimates.


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