Obama Seeks Advice on Nuclear Weapons

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President Obama pledged on Tuesday to make nuclear nonproliferation one of his highest priorities, saying he would work with Russia and other countries to “lock down loose nuclear weapons that could fall into the hands of terrorists.’’

Mr. Obama set forth his vision for a world without nuclear weapons during a speech last month in Prague. On Tuesday, he followed up with a high-powered meeting in the Oval Office with four men who, he said, inspired his policy: Republicans George Shultz and Henry Kissinger, both former secretaries of state; and Democrats Sam Nunn, the former senator, and William Perry, a former defense secretary. The four have offered a plan for reducing the world’s nuclear stockpiles, and Mr. Obama has endorsed it.

“I don’t think anybody would accuse these four gentlemen of being dreamers,’’ Mr. Obama told reporters after the meeting. “They’re hard-headed, tough defenders of American interests and American security. But what they have come together to help galvanize is a recognition that we do not want a world of continued nuclear proliferation, and that in order for us to meet the security challenges of the future, America has to take leadership in this area.’’



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