Best propaganda may determine uranium debate

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Despite my status as a card-carrying member of the vast right-wing conspiracy, there are certain issues where my sentiments come down on the side of what many might consider “green.” What a lot of people don’t realize (or refuse to admit) is that a lot of conservative individuals (if not a majority) are quite concerned about the environment for a variety of reasons. Among these are having an interest in farming, ranching or hunting, or simply the recognition that toxic planets have a tendency to poison, sicken and ultimately kill their inhabitants.

In the latter case, that would be us.

Since last year (as the reader may have noticed), there have been numerous mentions in the press of Powertech Uranium Corporation’s efforts toward establishing an in-situ uranium leach mine in Northern Colorado. One of several major concerns among critics of uranium mining is the real potential for groundwater contamination. Such an event – even if it is unlikely – would dramatically affect all of Northern Colorado and possibly beyond.


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