France “skips” Algeria name from map of nuclear test sites

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French Ministry of Defence has yet concluded the elaboration of a bill on the compensation of nuclear tests victims, as of last 30 March. Such a bill comprises an implicit recognition of the French State of her responsibility towards damages incurred to Algerians from 13 February 1960 to 31 December 1967.

Still, the same bill does not determine the kind of illnesses subject to compensation. In fact, the bill designers have let such an issue to State Council to decide on, through a decree.
However, although the bill has cited the names of sites where France had tested its nuclear weapons, in its colonies in Pacific Islands, including Mururoa and Polynesia; the name of Algeria is not mentioned at all. Article II of the bill mentions “the Sahara and Oasis,” without specifying where they are exactly situated.
Actually, El Khabar has known that associations of French nuclear test victims in France and Polynesia are working on forcing introducing some amendments on the bill to set more clarification on the responsibility of the French State, as well as clinching an explicit recognition that guarantees them their rights, more than a mere “medical” compensation

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