Yaqui community women block roads to stop the application of pesticides by airplane in Rio Yaqui to call government attention

Greetings all,

On Tuesday March 24th , Yaqui women of the community of Santa Teresa de Vacum (Latinahera) blocked the runway of the airplanes continuing to carry out aerial spraying of prohibited pesticides in Rio Yaqui.  As this article sent by Paco Villegas shows, they received support from the PRD party as well as environmental  organizations, and of course from IITC’s North-South Indigenous Network against Pesticides. Yaqui community members from IITC affiliate “Yaquis United for Mother Earth” are working with the Yaqui traditional authorities to support them in enforcing their FPIC and the Declaration of December 2006 prohibiting the application of all pesticides by airplane in Yaqui lands.

Thanks to the women of Santa Teresa de Vacum for their courageous action!

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