Atomic veterans’ slowly gain recognition

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he check stub and a notification letter rest in a file stuffed with Salinan James Trepoy’s military paperwork.

The sum — a whopping $75,000 — initially made Trepoy afraid to cash the check. Then he kept all the money in the bank for a time, fearing someone had a mistake and he would get a call to send it back.

The letter accompanying the check looked official enough, bearing letterhead from the U.S. Department of Justice, Civil Division, in Washington, D.C.


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  1. Hello my name is joe cohen i am a atomic veteran who took part in 1955 operation tea pot in yucca flats nevada 2 test. After 5 years and with the help of senator charles schumer i one and received my first award I am still wating after 3 years for the va to answer me on my claim for bi-lateral hearing loss. What is needed is for people like myself as well as other veterans to keep fighting for what is their right to receive compansation for puting us in harm way regards joe cohen hastings-on-hudson ny

    • Marvin Kleiner, who was at Camp Desert Rock before you would like to contact you. He is an ex-Ardsley resident and his phone number is 476-9556 (Marvin’s Antiques) He doesn’t have internet access and he asked if I could find this article for him and contact you.

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