Jurors in AIM slaying case could hear about previous murder conviction

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Federal prosecutors preparing to try Richard “Dick” Marshall for the 1975 murder of Annie Mae Aquash also want jurors to hear evidence about Marshall’s conviction for another fatal shooting.

Marshall, 57, and John Graham, 52, are scheduled for a U.S. District Court trial in May on charges they aided and abetted the murder of Aquash, a fellow American Indian Movement activist who was shot to death in December 1975. Her body was found on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in February 1976.

In court documents filed Tuesday, prosecutors said they intend to also submit evidence regarding the March 1, 1975, shooting death of Martin Montileaux at the Scenic Bar. Marshall was convicted of premeditated murder in that case and spent time in prison.

According to court documents, Montileaux was shot with a .22-caliber handgun. Marshall was arrested after a high-speed chase. Officers seized several rifles and revolvers from him during the arrest, including a .32-caliber revolver that was released from police custody about June 1, 1975.



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