American Holocaust: When It’s All Over I’ll Still Be Indian

American Holocaust: When It’s All Over I’ll Still Be Indian

The powerful and hard-hitting documentary, American Holocaust, is quite possibly the only film that reveals the link between the Nazi holocaust, which claimed at least 6 million Jews, and the American Holocaust which claimed, according to conservative estimates, 19 million Indigenous People.

It is seldom noted anywhere in fact, be it in textbooks or on the internet, that Hitler studied America’s “Indian policy”, and used it as a model for what he termed “the final solution.”

He wasn’t the only one either. It’s not explicitly mentioned in the film, but it’s well known that members of the National Party government in South Africa studied “the American approach” before they introduced the system of racial apartheid, which lasted from 1948 to 1994. Other fascist regimes, for instance, in South and Central America, studied the same policy.

Noted even less frequently, Canada’s “Aboriginal policy” was also closely examined for its psychological properties. America always took the more ‘wide-open’ approach, for example, by decimating the Buffalo to get rid of a primary food source, by introducing pox blankets, and by giving $1 rewards to settlers in return for scalps of Indigenous Men, women, and children, among many, many other horrendous acts. Canada, on the other hand, was more bureaucratic about it. They used what I like to call “the gentleman’s touch”, because instead of extinguishment, Canada sought to “remove the Indian from the Man” and the Women and the Child, through a long-term, and very specific program of internal breakdown and replacement – call it “assimilation”. America had it’s own assimilation program, but Canada was far more technical about it.

Perhaps these points would have been more closely examined in American Holocaust if the film had been completed. The film’s director, Joanelle Romero, says she’s been turned down from all sources of funding since she began putting it together in 1995.

Perhaps it’s just not “good business” to invest in something that tells so much truth? In any event, Romero produced a shortened, 29-minute version of the film in 2001, with the hope of encouraging new funders so she could complete American Holocaust. Eight years on, Romero is still looking for funds.

American Holocaust may never become the 90-minute documentary Romero hoped to create, to help expose the most substantial act of genocide that the world has ever seen… one that continues even as you read these words.

American Holocaust: When It’s All Over I’ll Still Be Indian


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  1. Do you think she would get more funding, if she attempted to incorporate the exponential population policy causal factors, the final outcomes of which result in ”tribes” (whether ethnic, class, religious, ideological) choosing one or another particular tribe for the depopulation eugenics ‘final solution’ treatment?

    I mean, let’s confront reality: hopefully one day, we may wish to confront reality, about hte origins of our problems, and incorporate that reality into our ‘story’; as opposed to simply wallowing in the blame game of victimhood????)

    So, here were a couple of population policy quotes, that perhaps she may wish to consider, incorporating the concepts into the possible motives of those committing the holocausts.

    “Compassion is a luxury available to people enjoying peace and plenty, who are confident of their place in society. . . . They apply it to the hungry, needy, or oppressed. It makes them feel virtuous—until the needy try to take advantage of the givers. . . . Human ‘rights’ often conflict with each other. For example, if a couple insists on their ‘right’ to have lots of babies, the family that results may lose its ‘right’ to enjoy a comfortable standard of living. . . .

    To do so—to think that we can advocate for human rights, peace, and social justice while ignoring their necessary ecological basis—is both intellectually dishonest and ultimately self-defeating.

    The longer we put off choosing the nicer methods of achieving demographic stability, the more likely the nasty ones become, whether imposed by nature or by some fascistic regime; which is what occurs when we we let the marketplace, corporations, and secretive, militaristic governments come up with eugenic solutions to our population dilemma. ”

    “Unlike plagues of the dark ages or contemporary diseases which we do not yet understand, the modern plague of overpopulation is soluble by means we have discovered and with resources we possess. What is lacking is not sufficient knowledge of the solution, but universal consciousness of the gravity of the problem and the education of the billions who are it’s victims”
    ~ Martin Luther King ~

    “Population is a political problem. Once population is out of control it requires authoritarian government, even fascism, to reduce it.”
    ~ Thomas Ferguson, State Dept. Office of Population Affairs ~

    “The invention of agriculture (including the keeping of animals as well as the purposeful growing of plant food) reshaped human life in such essential ways that it should be seen as the first of two “mega-revolutions” in human history. It “dis-placed” (took away their place in society) men by undermining the value of what they had traditionally done, especially hunting, at the same time that it “re-placed” (put into a new position in society) women by fundamentally altering the relationship between resources and population in such a way that substantial population growth became desirable and women were obliged to give up most of their previous role in production and concentrate much more on reproduction.”
    ~ Eve’s Seed: Biology, the Sexes and the Course of History ~

    “But the agenda-setting process seems useful only if we consider what the media do place on the agenda. This study shows that agenda-setting may have a dark side, when we consider what the media do not cover. To generalize from this study, it seems likely the media have a blind spot regarding the basic layers of multilayered causality. The deep causes that drive daily events remain off the agenda. Certainly this is the case with population growth, but such causal dissociation may keep many other deep-seated causes of social problems off the agenda.”
    ~ ‘WHAT BLEADS, LEADS’?: Media’s Population Agenda & ‘War on Terror’ Outcome: “HOW and WHY Journalists Avoid the Population-Environment Connection”, by Univ. of SW Louisiania ~

    “Sometimes you may wonder: Why are nations so committed to economic growth at nearly any cost? Why do central banks continue to pump in so much money long after they recognize the inevitability of its inflationary consequences? Why has GDP growth become the supreme icon of most governments, businesses and investors? When debts and deficits run amuck, why dont our leaders just slow down, take a breather, and focus on finding a more stable path?
    Your answers may be varied. But if you trace back through the chain of cause and effect, you will always return to one single, overriding factor: The population explosion colliding with finite resources. More mouths to feed. More demand. More pressure to perpetuate growth. More inflation.”
    ~ US Naval Services Long-Term Study: Global Tipping Points on Food, Water, Energy, Pollution, Population & Natural Resources & The Population Explosion ~

    “…even if successful, voluntary family planning programs cannot be expected to resolve the world population dilemma. Even in the more developed countries, and notably in the United States, surveys show couples desiring more children than are necessary for replacement… Thus we cannot rely on the self-interested choices of individual couples to met society’s needs. The only acceptable goal is zero rate of growth because any rate of growth continued long enough leads to astronomical figures. Given existing preferences in family size, governments must go beyond voluntary family planning. To achieve zero rate of population growth governments will have to do more than cajole; they will have to coerce.”

    “…worldwide overpopulation is the greatest risk to public health that we have ever encountered. The single obstacle to solving this problem is not money or the lack of acceptable family planning choices, but the opposition by a small group of extreme reactionaries now in control of the Roman Catholic Church. Uncounted numbers of people are denied access to contraception and abortion by the political machinations of a pope who is, by the dogma of his religion, unable to change his mind.”
    ~ Stephen Mumford, Ph.D; The Center for Research on Population & Security ~

    October 2, 1970: ‘Robert McNamara, [now] World Bank President, made a speech to international bankers in which he identified population growth as “the gravest issue that the world faces over the years ahead.” In his speech McNamara argued that population growth was leading to instability, that a 10 billion world population would not be “controllable.” Said McNamara, “It is not a world that any of us would want to live in. Is such a world inevitable? It is not sure but there are two possible ways by which a world of 10 billion people can be averted. Either the current birth rates must come down more quickly or the current death rates must go up. There is no other way.”

    Arguably the most authoritative work on terrorism was the February 1986 Report of the Vice President’s Task Force on Combating Terrorism, chaired by Vice President George Bush, Sr. Yet no mention of the study has appeared in the press since September 11, 2001. This report concludes that the root cause of terrorism is overpopulation.
    ~ Stephen Mumford, Ph.D.; Center for Research on Population & Security ~

    “I am convinced that some political and social activities and practices of the Catholic organizations are detrimental and even dangerous for the community as a whole, here and everywhere. I mention here only the fight against birth control at a time when overpopulation in various countries has become a serious threat to the health of people and a grave obstacle to any attempt to organize peace on this planet.”
    ~ Albert Einstein, 1954 ~

    Lara JMCSwan

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