Sen. Harry Reid: Getting closer to a clean, secure future for Nevada

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Hope and optimism seem difficult to come by during these hard economic times, but I feel a good deal of both for Nevada’s future after a couple of major recent announcements.

Both the news of NV Energy’s decision to postpone building a new coal plant near Ely and President Barack Obama’s move to severely slash the budget for the proposed Yucca Mountain dump bring our state much closer to economic security and long-term health. The jobs Nevada needs will come through clean energy.

In making this sound business decision, NV Energy recognizes the future of energy in our state resides in clean renewable energy sources like solar, wind and geothermal. Dirty unstable energy sources pollute our environment and weaken our economic strength as they rise sharply in cost, as coal has in recent years.,%20secure%20future%20for%20Nevada


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