Be Free Petition Delivered to Obama Administration

March 18, 2009 Newsletter

Be Free Petition Delivered to Obama Administration

Photo from meeting and petition delivery(Left to Right) Campaign for a Nuclear Weapons Free World Campaign Coordinating Committee member and Executive Director of the Arms Control Association Daryl Kimball, Nuclear Age Peace Foundation President David Krieger, and Vice Chair of the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation Board of Directors Mark Hamilton stand outside of the Old Executive Office Building after the petition delivery and meeting.

On March 11, Representatives from the Campaign for a Nuclear Weapons Free World and the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation met with an official from the Office of Public Liaison to deliver the petition, which had more than 100 endorsing organizations and over 70,000 signatures. Our support for the stated nuclear weapons policies of the Obama administration and our readiness to mobilize our grassroots networks to help them pursue a nuclear weapons-free world and steps toward it were well received during the meeting.

Thanks to our coalition partners and all those who participated in gathering Be Free petition signatures! You can see the press release regarding the petition on our website.

Organizing Lobby Visits for the April Congressional Recess

Constituent visits or visits with a constituent representative from an organization are extremely powerful ways to influence your member of Congress, according to a report by the Congressional Management Foundation. Congress’ next recess is scheduled for April 6-17, which means now is the time to plan a constituent lobby visit to discuss nuclear weapons issues with your members of Congress while they are back in their districts. You should put in a meeting request with your member of Congress’ district office this week or next, as most offices prefer receiving requests 2-3 weeks in advance. In the next few weeks, the Campaign for a Nuclear Weapons Free World will be putting together more resources that you can use in your lobby meetings. Keep an eye on our website and future e-newsletters for more materials. For a general guide on how to organize a lobby visit, including a sample meeting request, click here.

Clinton and Russian Foreign Minister on Arms Control

On March 6th, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov met to discuss US-Russian relations, negotiations for a follow-on agreement to the START treaty, and nonproliferation efforts. In response to a question about negotiating a follow-on agreement to START before it expires this December, Sec. Clinton stated,

“… we intend to have an agreement by the end of the year. This is at the highest priority to our governments. I believe we will be instructed by both of our presidents to make sure we do have an agreement, and we’re going to get to work immediately.”

A full transcript of Sec. Clinton’s remarks is available here.

Thank you,

Cara Bautista, Coordinator


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