Shipload of spent radioactive fuel from Gremikha arrives Murmansk

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Built in 1974, Serebryanka is intended for loading, temporary storage, transport, and offloading of liquid radioactive waste. The vessel has been modernized to transport containers with highly radioactive materials, Murmansk Vestnik reports. The containers will be loaded on trains for further transportation to the Mayak reprocessing plant in the South-Urals.

Gremikha is located on the eastern shore of the Kola Peninsula and is the second largest of the two onshore facilities used by the Russian Northern Fleet to store its radioactive waste. Located 350 kilometers off the Kola Inlet near Murmansk, Gremikha is not connected to the rest of the peninsula by roads. Andreyeva Bay is the other naval nuclear waste dump, located 45 kilometers east of the Norwegian border.

Over the years, Gremikha has accumulated around 800 spent nuclear fuel assemblies from first-generation Soviet submarines and six reactor cores with liquid metal-coolant taken out of Alpha class submarines, Bellona reports.


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