The real victims of Wounded Knee 1973

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In nearly every confrontation there are villains and victims. Oftentimes in order to justify a villainous act, the villains paint the victims as the villains. And if they repeat the lie often enough, especially to an ignorant, gullible and compliant press, the lie then becomes fact.

This is what happened in late February in 1973 at a peaceful village called Wounded Knee. If you have been misled by books such as “In the Spirit of Crazy Horse” or “The Unquiet Grave,” pause and think about this: Who were the victims and who were the villains? What crimes against humanity were committed by the owners of the Wounded Knee Trading Post, Clive and Agnes Gildersleeve? What did the nearly 60 people residing at Wounded Knee and Wounded Knee proper do to deserve the pillaging and destruction of their homes?


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