Rocky, lease-auction monkey-wrencher protest at U.S. Capitol

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About 30 Utahns, including former Salt Lake City Mayor Rocky Anderson and monkey-wrencher Tim DeChristopher, joined in a massive civil-disobedience protest on Monday, encircling a power plant in the nation’s capital to demand action against global warming.

Despite heavy snow and a wind-chilled temperature of about 12 degrees, the demonstrators screamed chants of “No CO2 from the red, white and blue” and marched slowly from a park near the House office buildings to the coal-fueled power plant ringed by Capitol Police officers.

A “snow emergency” declaration by city officials was no deterrent to the protesters.

“If we waited until we didn’t have winters anymore to work for change, it would be too late,” said DeChristopher, the 27-year-old University of Utah student who recently grabbed headlines for posing as a bidder to disrupt an auction of oil and gas leases in Utah.


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