The fallacy in Obama’s logic regarding Yucca Mountain

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So far, I like the Obama Administration.  It’s not just that “nobody
could possibly be worse than Bush!” which, I think, is pretty close to
true, but I approve of Obama’s stated ideas on many topics.  And, of
course, he’s intelligent, articulate, eloquent, and he’s the best man
for the job, undoubtedly.

And I was pleased as punch when nuclear power didn’t even get a nod or a wink in his big budget speech to Congress this week.

the topic — or would-be topic — approached, we held our breath.  We
listened.  Wind energy.  Check.  Solar.  Check.  Motionless, we
waited.  NO MENTION!  It went unsaid!  He’s on to autos and fuel
efficiency and so on — it’s past.  The moment it would have been said
has past!  He didn’t even say nuclear has to be “part of the mix” or
anything!  Yeah!  We high-fived.  We cheered.


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