Obama Begins the End of Yucca Mountain

Please read article, cited after the quote. Articles open in a new window.

Do you hear that cheering? Would you believe it’s coming all the way from Nevada? It started when they found out that President Obama’s first proposed federal budget all but kills the Yucca Mountain National Nuclear Waste Repository by cutting of its seemingly endless flow of money.

“The yucca Mountain program will be scaled back to those costs necessary to answer inquiries from the Nuclear regulatory Commission, while the Administration devises a new strategy toward nuclear waste disposal,” wrote President Obama in the Department of Energy funding request section of his FY 2010 budget proposal.

It was the “new strategy toward nuclear waste disposal” part that made Nevadans and other Yucca Mountain opponents especially happy, because it served notice that Mr. Obama intended to follow through on his campaign promise to kill the controversial project, now two decades and billions of dollars in planning



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