Not a dump

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Anyone who has watched much television on Salt Lake City-area stations has almost certainly seen advertisements from EnergySolutions. The waste-disposal facility in Tooele County is making a sales pitch for viewers to lobby their legislators to allow the company to import low-level nuclear waste from overseas.

The ad makes a strong implication that if EnergySolutions is allowed to import the waste – particularly, from Italy – it will share the profits with the people of Utah. The marketing ploy is very well done. It carefully points out that the waste from Italy would only take up about 4 acres, or 5 percent of the facility’s remaining capacity. The ad even tugs at the heartstrings and points out how the money could go for education.The question is whether the state wants to get involved in such a deal that could put Utah on the map as an international dumping ground. That’s not quite as appealing of an image for potential tourists as having the “greatest snow on Earth.”


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