Obama Rejects Nuclear Waste Site After 20-Year Fight (Update1)

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Feb. 26 (Bloomberg) — President Barack Obama won’t let nuclear waste be stored at Yucca Mountain in Nevada, rejecting the project after 20 years of planning at a cost of at least $9 billion.

Obama and Energy Secretary Steven Chu “have been emphatic that nuclear waste storage at Yucca Mountain is not an option, period,” said department spokeswoman Stephanie Mueller. The federal budget plan Obama released today “clearly reflects that commitment,” she said.

“The new administration is starting the process of finding a better solution for management of our nuclear waste,” Mueller said in an e-mail today.

Obama’s decision leaves unresolved a long-term plan for nuclear waste, primarily from power plants, even as utility companies seek to build more reactors.



One Response

  1. This is the biggest win for Indigenous and anti-nuke activists in 20 years, so it is the only story today. Next step to stop the Coal Industry, before the fossil fuel is gone. The only place Coal belongs is in a museum with other fossils. Alternative Energy Now! gregor

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