Cruz: Mayan voices of the past still heard today

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They can cut down our branches, but they will never tear out our roots,” was the powerful cry our ancestors gave, as a wail of emotions vigorously invaded their souls. The fierce, distinctive and new way of thinking of a different people may have physically overpowered them. However, spiritually they had won the battle, and as a result came their immense desire to remain strong for the healthy preservation of our culture. Their cry was a prediction of a phenomenon that would one day occur.

The force, the spirit and the voices that reigned in this world were of our ancestors, the Great Mayas. Today, their voices, the voices of the past talk to us; they transmit positive energy, knowledge and hope. They predicted centuries ago that the Maya culture would one day revive to what it once was. It is neither pure coincidence nor is it a mistake that we, the present generation, are so intrigued that we dig deep down to find and reconcile our Maya roots. Twenty and more peoples with as many languages share traditions and spiritual culture with very deep roots.

For my generation of Maya-Americans by the law of nature that curiosity was cultivated in our blood from the day we were conceived, for we are that prediction and that energy and force that our ancestors, the Maya ancients knew one day would rightfully exist again. We are the strength of the past, present, and the future; we are the Maya Guatemalan community. We are Ajaw-Kab’awil.


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