Siberian deer herders press Putin to stop dam

Please read article, cited after the quote. Articles open in a new window.

MOSCOW, Feb 10 (Reuters) – An indigenous tribe who herd deer in Russia’s frozen tundra petitioned Prime Minister Vladimir Putin on Tuesday to scrap plans to build a giant hydro-electric dam on their land, their representatives said.

The Evenki say the project, which may cost about $13 billion, would flood an area more than ten times the size of New York City and drive about 2,000 Evenki — out of 28,000 in Russia — from their traditional villages and pasture lands.

They have enlisted the help of environment campaigners including WWF and Greenpeace and a host of local groups who have collected 8,000 signatures asking Putin to bin the plans. The signatures were submitted to Putin’s office on Tuesday.


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