Dry-cask loading at Diablo to begin this summer

Please read article, cited after the quote. Articles open in a new window.

During this summer’s planned transfer, eight dry-cask canisters will be loaded with spent fuel rods from one of two nuclear reactors at Diablo Canyon. Each cask is expected to take 10 days to load, according to Emily Christensen, Pacific Gas & Electric Co. spokeswoman.

An additional eight canisters — one canister can hold up to 32 spent fuel assemblies — will be loaded at the nuclear power plant in spring 2010, Christensen said.

PG&E owns and operates Diablo Canyon and had hoped to begin loading the dry casks in November 2007. However, the transfer was delayed by equipment problems and modifications to the spent-fuel storage building at the power plant, according to Christensen.



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