Family finds Lakota oral history

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A rare, original oral history of Indian life has surfaced in the Twin Cities and it’s one of the oldest known examples of its kind. In 1910, Lakota Chief Martin White Horse dictated stories about his community, located on a reservation in South Dakota. After the oral history, called a winter count, was typed up, the transcript went into storage. There it lay for decades, forgotten about. The descendants of the white woman who typed up the document rediscovered it last summer, and opened up a window to the history of the Lakota and to their own family.

Worthington, Minn. — The 32-page narrative is now in the Edina home of 25-year-old Libby Holden and her family. The document is a simple looking binder of legal-size paper with red margins on both sides of the sheets. Some of the cream colored pages are a little tattered at the edges. Holden said her great-grandmother typed out the oral history nearly 100 years ago.

“The front page says ‘transcript of the pictorial history of the Sioux nation as kept by the White Horse family. Told by Chief White Horse of White Horse Station, Cheyenne River Indian Reservation, South Dakota, on September 8th, 1910’,” Holden said.


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