Army to assess levels of uranium on Big Isle

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HILO » Airborne uranium levels will be measured by an Army contractor at three monitoring stations at Pohakuloa Training Area on the Big Island over the next 12 months, Col. Howard Killian told the Public Works Committee of the Hawaii County Council yesterday.

The $150,000 testing is being done because the Army discovered in 2007 that uranium “spotting rounds” were used at Pohakuloa in the 1960s.

Radiation monitoring from the Girl Scout camp near Pohakuloa to Konawaena High School nearly 30 miles to the southwest has not found any radiation above background level, Killian said.


2 Responses

  1. Congratulations, anti-depleted uranium crusaders and peace activists, you have just wasted another $150,000 of your tax dollars – they won’t find a thing because chunks of DU oxidizing away in the soil will not generate any dust. I hope that you are proud that some much more deserving program has lost those dollars.

  2. Interessante Informationen.

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