Block vote on reactor

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Following a 3 1/2-year review of the license renewal application for the Oyster Creek nuclear generating station in Lacey, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission Wednesday may, for all intents and purposes, decide whether to allow the plant to operate for another 20 years.

To head off any chance the NRC will give Oyster Creek the green light next week, the state Department of Environmental Protection should seek a federal injunction to prevent a vote until all of the recommendations made by the NRC licensing board for further analysis of the plant’s drywell — the steel barrier surrounding the reactor that is designed to contain radiation in the event of an accident — are heeded.

The state and an attorney representing the groups opposing relicensing have asked the NRC to hold off on a vote until a further analysis of the drywell is completed. But the NRC could reject the request, eliminating the final hurdle to the commission ordering its staff to issue a license renewal. That must not be allowed to happen.


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