SPECIAL REPORT: Barack Obama under nuclear threat

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President Barack Obama starts reshaping the financial markets and a furious stimulus package for the economy. But a closer look at the US reveals a major problem unsolved yet rising on the horizon: America still is under serious nuclear threat. by Vlad D. Georgescu

As the US Department of Homeland Security described 2008 in one of its regular newsletters, every nuclear attack will leave officials helpless in tracking who or what activated the deadly detonation. Chemists could find important traces and measure the radioisotopes, by this finding the source of the nuclear material involved. Having captured this data, US intelligence will have to follow the material’s route backwards – hoping to detect the bargainers of such a terrorist assault. Things get even more complicated if the nuclear attack would belong to the category of “dirty bombs”. Radioactive materials for building such devices can be found in fact in many US institutions – there are no effective controls preventing terrorists from stealing the deadly stuff. What seems to be even worse: The threat could come from inside – the anthrax attacks, which occurred in 2001 and which are known as the Amerithrax case, were carried out by a scientist who worked at the government’s biodefense labs.

Should the President get in panic? No. Nuclear threat belongs to the inevitable risks of our times – the real danger consists in trying to neglect this fact. But serious risks remain.


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