Indigenous child abuse doubles in NT: study

Please read article, cited after the quote. Articles open in a new window.

A new study has found abuse of Indigenous children in the Northern Territory has doubled in the period between 2007 and 2008 compared to the previous year.

The report from the Institute of Health and Welfare also shows Indigenous children were six times more likely to be abused than non-Indigenous children.

The new figures show that while child abuse has fallen in some states, the Territory has recorded the country’s biggest rise.

The report found that:

  • In 2007-2008, the abuse of Territory children under 16 was 1.2 per cent, up from 0.9 the year before;
  • the rate of abused Indigenous children was 2.4 per cent, compared to 1.7 per cent the year before; and
  • Territory children younger than 12 months were the most common age group to be abused, at 2.5 per cent, the highest rate for that age group across the nation


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