MNN: Beware ‘Rahnatakias’ — Cure for Obama Fever is ‘Indian’ History

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MNN: Beware ‘Rahnatakias’ — Cure for Obama Fever is ‘Indian’ History


Mohawk Nation News

Jan. 21, 2009. U.S. President Barack Obama slipped a subtle comment into his inauguration “mind control” speech on January 20th. When Obama defined America as a nation of “Christians and Muslims, Jews and Hindus and non-believers”, he deliberately left out Indigenous peoples. We have our value systems. We have our knowledge. He sneaked in the intention to ignore us when he said that “the lines of tribe shall soon dissolve”. To Americans the word “tribe” means the Ongwehonwe. We are the caretakers and trustees of the lands and resources of the world which the New World Order NWO or One World “Government” must steal to control the world. Our role puts us squarely in the path of this grand scheme of a few bankers, the governments they control and their deadly enforcement agencies.
Colonial “band or tribal councils” will be put in charge of indigenous people where possible such as Iraq and Afghanistan. Other Indigenous peoples will be “eliminated” or ignored. It looks like this program will be run by the United Nations “International Department of Indian Affairs” on behalf of the NWO war mongers.
Obama’s main message is, “If you don’t do it the American way, we will crush you”. It is all the more “devious” because it’s coming in this velvet glove that claims that it’s being done in a spirit of cooperation. The real message is, “we will defeat you”. A new disease is being spread called “Obama fever”. The symptoms are flag waving, millions gathering and clapping like a bunch of trained seals and hypnotic sectarian rapping. O-Ba-Ma, O-Ba-Ma! The following are comments by “Native Pride” and MNN Mohawk Nation News:
Tuesday, January 20, 2009: Obama: The New Lincoln? We Hope Not!
As the US crowns its new king, the world looks on with [media guided] hope and wonder. The former Illinois Senator has been compared to one of the most popular US Presidents, Abraham Lincoln who was seen as the Great Emancipator, Freer of the Slaves and the Healer of a Divided Nation. Obama swore his oath of office on Lincoln’s Bible.
Buried in that era of slavery and Civil War are a few chapters of the American “Indian” Holocaust of 115 million, the biggest in all humanity, that began long before Lincoln and continues today. While Mr. Lincoln was earning a fake place in history, he signed the Homestead Act in 1862. This was a law offering huge tracts of our lands to foreign white settlement. It was put through without consultation, without consent and without regard for the rights and needs of our people. Eventually 1.6 million homesteads were granted on our land and 270,000,000 acres of our territories were privatized between 1862 and 1986, which is 10% of all lands in the U.S. In the conflicts that raged over this illegal action, thousands of Ongwehonwe men, women and children were killed and millions of acres of our territories remain unlawfully occupied. This has nothing to do with honesty, courage, fair play and tolerance. Obama’s speech demonstrates clearly his concept of loyalty and patriotism has nothing to do with respect for the Ongwehonwe of Turtle Island and our future generations. []
Two days after Lincoln signed the “Emancipation Proclamation” in 1863, he signed an order to hang 38 Dakota Sioux in Mankato Minnesota. There were only about 40 adult men of fighting age left out of 400 “prisoners of war”. The U.S. agent refused to feed the Indigenous people and was selling the rations that were meant for them. The men begged for food for their people who were starving to death. He told them to eat grass. They killed him and stuffed his mouth with grass. [Visit]
These details of American history are rarely visited. John F. Kennedy basks in the glow as a champion of civil rights. He had no problem violating human rights and the treaty with the Seneca Nation. In 1960 he broke a campaign promise and approved the flooding of thousands of acres of Seneca land and the construction of the Kinzua Dam in upper New York State.
Today New York State has a black Democratic Governor, David A. Paterson. He has just signed an illegal document authorizing the destruction of the existing economies of eleven Ongwehonwe communities in the state. It is obvious the Americans are the big bullies they’ve always been since King Henry VII issued the “Cabot Charter” in 1496. It authorized the capture and plunder of any lands belonging to non-Christian people that might be found. []
Many Ongwehonwe have embraced this new U.S. President Barack Obama. Many of us do not. We hope that he will not earn the traditional title, “Rahnatakias”, which is our word for U.S. President. It means “town destroyer”. In 1779 the first President, George Washington, ordered the genocide of all Rotino’shonni:onwe, Iroquois people, our communities and food sources in the lands between Wyoming and the Canadian border. He eliminated over a hundred thousand of us by famine and disease. []
No, Obama is not our president. He is the 44th man to hold the title of Rahnatakias on behalf of the colonists who are occupying our territories. The valid nation-to-nation relations with Ongwehonwe are always a low priority or non-existent for any colonial administration.
People are looking to Mr. Obama for a solution. The true test of his promise of change will come in the treatment of the Ongwehonwe. Is he going to be another two faced reformer, a Washington, a Lincoln or a Kennedy, who preaches equality and freedom while crushing us under his heel? We refuse to be put under colonial “Federal Indian Law” headlocks.
The U.S. will not stop its decline by continuing to dispossess and oppress us. They have to meet us on the original nation-to-nation terms. We have never surrendered our jurisdiction over ourselves or our resources or our territories. They have to acknowledge the crimes of the past. They have to reign in their colonizing beast. They have to stop feasting on the dead bodies of our ancestors. They have to stop dancing so hard on our lands and resources that they starve and suffocate the generations to come.
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Leonard Peltier attacked: Appeal to Attorney General

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Leonard Peltier attacked: Appeal to Attorney General

Sample letter for US Attorney General for Eric Holder (or other person confirmed)
January 21, 2009

Eric H. Holder, Attorney General Designate
U.S. Department of Justice
950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20530-0001

Re: Leonard Peltier #89637-132

Dear Attorney General Holder:

I am writing today to provide you with a number of serious concerns stemming from the case of Mr. Leonard Peltier and explain how this case impacts all US citizens.

• Mr. Leonard Peltier, is an American Indian that has been imprisoned since 1976, convicted based on fabricated testimony, circumstantial evidence, extraordinary FBI influence and falsified test results. (Appellate Court findings)

• He was sentenced to two life sentences for “aiding and abetting” when two other persons tried for the same exact crimes were found not guilty because the jury said they were acting in self defense based on the climate of fear pervading the Pine Ridge Reservation at the time. Whom was he aiding and abetting?

• No federal employee was ever investigated or found responsible for the killing of Joe Stuntz, who was killed at the same Jumping Bull property in 1975. Further there are a number of American Indians that were killed under questionable circumstances on Indian reservations or at Wounded Knee in 1973, while no federal official have ever been charged with their deaths.

• Since 1976 repeated requests for files concerning Leonard Peltier, from the Federal Bureau of Investigation under the Freedom of Information Act have been unsuccessful. The typical response has been that the files were misplaced or lost, and sometimes after years of waiting the FBI responds with a vague “no”.

• Title 18 Section 4206 (d) states that “Any prisoner serving a sentence of five years or longer shall be released on parole after serving 2/3 of each consecutive term or after serving thirty years of each consecutive term including any life term”. Congress has stated and the Courts have ruled in other cases that Title 18 of the United States Code 4205(a) means that time served is equal to ten years in the case of a life sentence. The law says that a prisoner serving a life term shall be released on parole after serving thirty years if they were not released on parole after 20 years.
The most a prisoner would serve is 30 years. This has held true except in the case of Leonard Peltier who has been in prison for 33 years.

• In late 2008 the Turtle Mountain Reservation passed a resolution calling for Leonard Peltier’s release into their custody. Leonard Peltier is an enrolled member of Turtle Mountain. Tribal officials at Turtle Mountain were willing and able to meet almost any given conditions set forth by the Parole Board or the Bureau of Prisons, however they were not given the opportunity to even discuss this alternative, their status as a sovereign nation was totally ignored and Leonard Peltier transferred to Canaan, PA on January 12th, 2009.

• Beginning in October 2008, friends, family and supporters have repeatedly e-mailed, called, and written to the Bureau of Prisons asking for consideration in Leonard Peltier’s imminent transfer. While one recognizes that there are many factors for the BOP to consider, we only asked that he either be transferred to Turtle Mountain facility or closer to home. Instead Mr. Peltier was placed in a facility even further from his home and family making it unreasonably burdensome for them to visit him.

• Once Mr. Peltier arrived at the Canaan prison facility, he was jumped by younger inmates, severely beaten, put in solitary confinement and placed upon meal restrictions despite his having diabetes and other medical conditions. The family has requested copies of the video tapes of that incident to no avail. It is as if the whole scenario was contrived to detract from the fact that Mr. Peltier has been a model prisoner having more than enough points to qualify for parole.

• Retired, former and actively employed FBI agents have taken action against the release and parole of Leonard Peltier time and again. While it is their right to speak their opinion, it is not right to do so on federal time and at the taxpayer’s expense. Their letters, writings, articles, books, protests, outcries and interviews concerning Mr. Peltier, are a conflict of interest and tip the scales against him unfairly. In addition, it is certainly questionable as to the timing of a letter written by a former FBI Agent to Representative John Conyers and the beating Mr. Peltier received at Canaan.

It is apparent to me and many others that there are numerous violations of Mr. Peltier’s civil, constitutional, and human rights in the federal government’s quest to punish someone for the deaths of two FBI agents.

Justice has not been fair or blind to Mr. Leonard Peltier who has spent more than half of his life in prison. He is at 64 years old, in failing health and his life expectancy in prison is shortened greatly. And so I ask for your swift review of his case and release him so that he can spend the rest of his natural life with friends and family. The release of Leonard Peltier will go far in repairing the faith of the American people in the justice system and restore hope to many American Indians who otherwise have given up on the federal government’s promises. Thank you.


Mr. President Barack Obama
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

Civil Rights & Civil Liberties Complaints
Office of the Inspector General
U.S. Department of Justice
950 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W. Room 4706
Washington, D.C. 20530

Harry J. Lappin, Director
Federal Bureau of Prisons
320 First St., NW,
Washington, DC 20534

Kathleen M. Kenney
Assistant Director/General Counsel,
Federal Bureau of Prisons
320 First St., NW,
Washington, DC 20534

Morris L. Thigpen, Sr., Director
National Institute of Corrections
320 First St., NW,
Washington, DC 20534

All Possible Media Outlets – Television, Radio, Print
All Elected Federal Officials


How the “indian” survived…

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Look back 517 years to 1492…

For 517 years the oppressive “deathway” of wasi icun has occupied our homelands.  Despite the occupation, WE THE INDIGENOUS PEOPLE OF THE WESTERN HEMISPHERE have survived, with our culture and kinship intact.  The time is now; to move away from the cultural, psychological, and physical  destruction that has taken place.  We must now come together as family.  Listen to our relatives, live with our relatives.  That is the only way to become free.

Federal Court Motion Won by Elders Council of Barriere Lake

Federal Court Motion Won by Elders Council of Barriere Lake

Earlier this month, a Federal Court Judge ruled in favour of the Barriere Lake Algonquins, calling into question Indian and Northern Affairs (INAC) 2008 decision to replace the First Nation’s traditionally-elected Chief and Council with a ‘minority faction.’

The leadership dispute is still far from over, however the ruling outlines a set of points that affirm Barriere Lake’s standing list of Demands.

Please see the press release below for more information.

Federal Court Motion Won by Elders Council of Barriere Lake: Minister Interfered in Internal Affairs

On March 25 2008, the Elders Council of Barriere Lake filed a judicial review (JR) application of INAC’s decision to recognize Casey Ratt’s dissident faction over customary chief Benjamin Nottaway and his council (Wawatie et al v Indian and Northern Affairs Canada). At the time, the Minister had received applications from two different groups claiming to form the legitimate government of Barriere Lake. Why had Ratt’s council been recognized over Benjamin Nottaway’s?

The INAC Minister brought a motion to dismiss the case for JR in the Federal Court, claiming that no “decision” had been taken; it was simply a mechanical act that had led the Minister’s office to process one application over the other. In late August of 2008, the case was heard before a Prothonotary (the principal clerk of a court), who decided in favour of the Crown. The Elders requested that their council appeal the Prothonotary’s decision.

The appeal was heard on November 24 2008 in a Toronto court room, with several supporters in attendance. Last week we learned that Judge Zinn overturned the decision of the Prothonotary, and according to their council, affirming three crucial principles:

  1. The Court has recognized that the Minister is accountable for his actions and not immune from review.
  2. The Mitchikanibikok Anishnabe Onakinakewin (Algonquins of Barriere Lake Customary Governance Code) is a constitutionally protected Aboriginal right that triggers a duty for the government to consult with Barriere Lake when a decision by the Minister could potentially adversely affect these rights.
  3. The Court affirmed that in a First Nations community like ABL, the Minister has no authority to determine the legality of the government, which is to be determined by the customary code of the community. In this sense, all decisions made by the Ratt council – if determined by the judicial review to have been wrongfully recognized as the legitimate governing party – may be null and void. This means that any efforts the dissident council has made to undermine the Trilateral and other agreements may be taken to be invalid.

It goes without saying that this is excellent news. The Elders Council’s legal representatives, David Nahwegahbow and Nicole Richmond, are commended for their hard work and impressive summations for the Court of a complicated case.

Please see the attached document for Mr. Justice Zinn’s reasoning in the case: January 6, 2009 – Reasons for Order and Order (pdf)


Shoshone: Barack In, Barrick Out!

Shoshone: Barack In, Barrick Out!

As the Inauguration of President Barrick Obama approaches, the Western Shoshone prepare for a two-day injunction hearing to protect Mount Tenabo, a world-recognized spiritual area, from what would become one of the largest open pit cyanide heap leach gold mines in the United States.

The hearing starts at 9:00 a.m. (PST), at the Federal District Court in Reno, Nevada. If you’re in the area, there is demonstration at the Courthouse on S. Virginia Street beginning today and tomorrow at 8:00 am.

If you’re not in the area but would still like to support the Shoshone, you can write a letter to Barack Obama and his transition team, asking for a commitment to engage in good faith talks with the Western Shoshone as well as a full review of the human rights situation propelled by Barrick Gold, the company behind the mining project.

Background (c/o the Western Shoshone Defense Project)

Barrick Gold Corporation is the world’s largest gold company and operates mainly on Indigenous lands for the extraction of gold. This company has refused to accept its social responsibility to protect Indigenous peoples’ land, sacred areas, water, and air pollution. Barrick has carried out many violations of Human Rights, and abusively opposed the struggle of Indigeous lands and people. Barrick is now beginning construction of an open pit cyanide mine directly on Mt. Tenabo a Western Shoshone spiritual and cultural area. Shoshone opposition to this mine has been ongoing and has gained global attention. Barrick has failed to recognize these concerns and has instead attempted to divide the Shoshone people, giving money and gifts to the communities, and using its media channels to state that all the people are happy and are supportive of their operations. The time is critical now as Barrick has already received full approval from the U.S. Dept. of Interior and has begun ripping out the pinyon forest and digging the pit to create its “Cortez Hills Expansion Mine”.
This mine will cause permanent destruction of the cultural and spiritual practices of the Western Shoshone. Mt. Tenabo has been, and continues to be, used by Western Shoshone people as a central part of their religious practices and world view. Western Shoshone visit the mountain and the valley below (the location of the mine pit) for prayer ceremonies, gathering of sacred plants, fasting, and vision quests, among other uses. The Mountain also contains Western Shoshone gravesites. All of these values and uses will be destroyed by the Project. In addition, the massive pumping of groundwater will likely dry up sacred springs and streams on and around Mt. Tenabo.

No big mining project in Nevada has ever been denied by the United States. This is one must be stopped.

Again, we need your help to tell Barrick to to stop presenting false information to the media making the Shoshone people and the violations of this mine to the lands and sacred areas invisible to the public. At this time we need your support to stop mining at Mount Tenabo and to tell the U.S. there must be a full review of the human rights violations of the Shoshone people. We ask for your support in this urgent case which has common elements with indigenous peoples and mining abuses around the world. Thank you for supporting the Western Shoshone Defense Project.

Some important talking points to consider in your Request:

The United Nations Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (Decision 1/68) has specifically raised concerns regarding the mining threat to Mt. Tenabo. The United States is in further violation of this Decision in approving this project the Obama administration needs to understand this now before taking office.

The Bush administration has strong connections to the mining industry and this decision approving the “Cortez Hills Expansion” before the new administration comes in is highly questionable. President Obama should demonstrate the change he is committed to and respect Western Shoshone spirituality and the need to stop this destructive project and uphold the human rights and Treaty rights. Request that the Obama Team meet immediately with Western Shoshone representatives to investigate further the human rights violations.

Barrick is well-aware of the concerns and the Mt. Tenabo mine proposal has been specifically criticized by the United Nations Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination.

The details of the mine would:

  • Disturb 6,792 acres of land, including a heap leach and waste rock facilities.
  • Blast the new Cortez Hills mine Pit approximately 900 feet in length, 6,400 feet in width, and a maximum depth of 2,200 feet.
  • Pump groundwater from around the pit with an average dewatering rate of approximately 1.8 billion gallons per year for ten years.
  • Create a drop in the water table of 1,600 feet surrounding the pit, decreasing to 10 feet at a 3-4 mile radius of the pit.
  • Potentially impact 50 springs and seeps in the area.

Of the 11 non-Cortez Gold Mine water rights impacted, only one is expected to recover fully within 100 years after dewatering ceases

President-elect Barrack Obama Needs to demonstrate his commitment to change and meet with traditional Western Shoshone immediately to investigate the human rights situation.


Obama’s Private Inauguration Ritual: Receiving the Nuclear Launch Codes

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Obama will soon be sworn into office. Earlier this morning, before stepping in front of the pulsing millions, there was a quieter ceremony signaling the transfer of power: He received the nuclear launch codes.

A great story from George Stephanopolous: Before coming onstage, before going to church this morning, he went to his national security briefing, as he has for the last couple of months. What made this different from every other briefing though, is that at the end, a man with a briefcase handcuffed to his wrist told Obama how to launch a nuclear strike using the codes inside.

Obama won’t get the card to launch the nukes until he is officially sworn in, but as George Stephanopolous remarks, “the true transfer of power has begun.”

Inspection for 7 French nuclear reactors in 2009

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PARIS, Jan 20 (Reuters) – France’s nuclear safety authority ASN said on Tuesday it would carry out a total of seven re-licensing inspections in 2009 at nuclear power sites.

The ASN conducts three-month long re-licensing inspections on all of France’s 58 reactors once every 10 years, at the end of which it decides whether or not to authorize the plant to run for another 10 years.

The body will carry out its third inspection on a 900-megawatt nuclear reactor 1 at Tricastin (Southeast France) in the spring and on the 900-MW Fessenheim 1 reactor (eastern France) in the autumn, state-owned utility EDF (EDF.PA) said