U.S. Makes an Irrational Request: China Should Reveal Its Nuclear Secrets

Please read article, cited after the quote. Articles open in a new window.

Huanqiu special correspondent Wang Si reports, “China’s unyielding secrecy about its nuclear arms strategies leaves open the worrying prospect of a costly U.S. misstep during a crisis.” On January 15, Dennis Wilder, the Senior Director for East Asian Affairs on the National Security Council, made this kind of sensationalized statement, requesting that China reveal its “nuclear secrets.”

On January 15, the Associated Press released a report entitled “Bush official urges China to lift nuclear secrecy.” When addressing an audience of Asia specialists and reporters, Dennis Wilder, NSC Senior Director for East Asian Affairs, stated that Washington and Beijing began bilateral discussions on nuclear policies and systems last year. However, according to Wilder, what is more important is that the U.S. needs the Chinese to be more open on nuclear issues. Wilder added that China has already developed mobile land-based nuclear missiles and moved closer to fielding sea-based nuclear ballistic missile forces.

Wilder also mentioned that China’s “mysterious” stance on this nuclear weapons issue gives the Chinese army “a degree of edge.” He imagines that in the event that China’s military actions pose a threat for the U.S., China will be like a “black box” whose secretive nuclear policies and plans will cause problems for U.S. intelligence agencies. Wilder stated: “At different levels of alert, American forces do certain things. Without that information, you do worry about miscalculation. Right now, the American-Chinese relationship is in great shape. But we all know periods when it hasn’t been. And I worry about those moments when the Chinese military, let’s say, flushes to the field.” He stated that these actions may just be military exercises, but they may lead to “missteps” on the American side.



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