Nuclear ‘suspension’ is not welcome news

Please read article, cited after the quote. Articles open in a new window.

Not to overstate the case, but the announcement by Entergy Nuclear that it has hit a bump in the road en route to a possible new nuclear plant south of Vicksburg is not welcome news.

Frankly, nothing would revitalize the economy of southwest Mississippi quite as much as a decision to build a second reactor-fired generator near the existing Grand Gulf Nuclear Station. We’re talking a construction budget of at least $5 billion to be spent over a five-year period.

What Entergy said was that a hitch has developed in contract terms with General Electric Hitatchi, which would provide essential components if and when the company decides to participate in construction of a new power plant in Claiborne County or at another site that also has received federal early site approval. The company is pursuing construction and operating licenses for both sites, but, again, has said market demand in years to come will drive a go-no-go decision. The early site permits are good for 20 years. A construction and operating license that could come in three years or so would not require an immediate groundbreaking.


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