Mining company illegally exploits sacred land: Indigenous

Please read article, cited after the quote. Articles open in a new window.

According to local indigenous and afro-colombian communities, the mining activities of the U.S. company are threatening the environment of the mountains the company wants to mine and endangers the possibility for the communities to live there. They say the mining will pollute the waters they use for drinking, washing and fishing and will basically displace them.

Most of the Afro-Colombians living in the area earlier were displaced from other parts in the west of Colombia because of violence. The dispute in the Jiguamiandó river basin between the indigenous Embera Oibida tribes and Muriel Mining began earlier this week when Embera communities began mobilizing outside the Cerro de Carreperro mountains in an effort to stop the exploration of the mountain for gold and copper resources by the mining company, who had entered the zone on January 5.


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