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Please visit the site as we cover many issues in the Indigenous and Nuclear realm. The Nevada Test Site and Yucca Mountain, both are on Western Shoshone land, as specified in the Treaty of Ruby Valley 1863. This was/is a treaty of Friendship, the Western Shoshone NEVER were defeated in war. This treaty of friendship was signed, so that gold to finance the Nort’s funding of the Civil War could get throught Shoshone lands, unharmed or stolen.

The United States decided that the treaty was in valid due to encroachment by the US.  The government wishes to pay for the 26 million acres at the 1863 price of  $0.15 cent an acre. The treaty covers land in four states NV, UT, Ca and Idaho. The price offered is totally of of reality of the actual land worth. Las Vegas is not part of the land owned by the Western Shoshone.

Visit the web site for more information on this and many, many other subjects. The blog just covers the daily news. If you are inclined you may also donate badly needed funds through the web site.

Pleas read the web site as this blog is only the tip of an iceberg of information.

Thanks for reading this and please visit the web site at

Shundahai( A Newe word meaning Peace and Harmony with All Creation), gregor


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