The Sacred Gift of Song, Dance and Festivity

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The man was an extremely successful hunter. He hunted for tuttu (caribou), niġliq (geese), and fished from the lakes up inland. He was also very successful in trapping pisukaat (foxes), amaġut (wolves) and qavvich (wolverine). Occasionally he went to the sea to hunt for small sea mammals such as natchiq (seals), ugruk (bearded seal) and nanuq (polar bear). The woman was always busy butchering, tanning skins and sewing garments from the animals that her husband caught. The only thing lacking in their lives was the feeling of loneliness, as they lived by themselves. They longed for children but it just did not seem that it would happen. All they ever seem to do, day in and day out, was to hunt and work. The nights seemed to be the longest when all work had been done. Most of the nights were quiet with occasional small talk between the lonely couple.

At last, the woman became pregnant. When she made the announcement to her husband, he became so excited that he lifted her completely off the ground! Finally the time came when she had a baby son. What excitement they had! They loved him immensely and cuddled him.

It seemed like it was not very long before the son started walking. He showed signs of strength and agility. His Aapa (father) constructed a small bow and arrow for him. Before long, he learned how to master it and soon came home with ptarmigan. Several years later, he started hunting tuttu. He quickly became a highly skilled hunter like his father. He hunted from the land and his father preferred to hunt from the sea. The young son’s curiosity caused him to go farther and farther away from home as he got older. He even started hunting from the mountains. One day he had gone hunting towards the mountains as he usually did but he did not return home. His parents waited for him as they thought he might have been caught in a storm. Many days passed and still, he did not return. They both searched for him everywhere but there was no trace of him anywhere. Their lives seemed to be even more empty than ever before

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