Transport of nuclear waste could put area residents at risk

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About 25 years ago, a federal agency was studying Sandy Mush—a rural area in Leicester, about 20 miles from City Hall—as a potential site for a permanent high-level nuclear waste dump. Were you part of the citizen action that helped block it?

I only recently learned, however, that back in 1986, Congress did not eliminate the Sandy Mush site from future consideration. Instead, the attempt to site a second, eastern dump was merely shelved when Yucca Mountain in southern Nevada was targeted as the nation’s lone dump site for high-level nuclear waste. And the news that Sandy Mush is merely “on hold” changes the frame on City Council’s failing to assert local jurisdictional authority to oppose or prohibit the transport of high-level nuclear waste through Asheville.

Let’s be clear: The waste in question isn’t on the roads today; it’s sitting at the various nuclear-power plants and nuclear-weapons sites where it was created, and so far, that’s still the best plan. But once it has a destination, there will be decades of federal shipments—thousands, possibly tens of thousands of enormous containers full of high-level radioactive waste—traveling by truck, rail, boat or a combination of these. Extremely concentrated and immediately deadly, this waste (aka “spent fuel,” primarily from commercial nuclear-power plants) will not be simple to move safely.


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  1. Hi there… I talked to some folks today about the potential dumping of radioactive waste in Sandy Mush, NC (near Asheville). It seems that you cover it here in your blog (Jan 09). However, there doesn’t seem to be much info on the web.

    I heard that Obama is staying in Asheville starting tomorrow. He wishes to visit the area to check it out for this radioactive waste.

    Do you know any more info about this? I’d like to post action items on my Facebook page.

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