Company asks city to waive drilling law: ConocoPhillips wants to drill at night near homes

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FARMINGTON — An oil and gas company has asked the city to allow it to drill at night near homes, leading some residents to complain.City councilors will decide at a meeting Tuesday night whether to let ConocoPhillips drill an almost 2,300-foot-deep gas well near Foothills Drive. City planning and zoning commissioners and oil and gas commissioners already have approved the well.

ConocoPhillips wants to drill a well off San Marcos Drive for three days, day and night. City code prohibits drilling at night if homes are within 500 feet of the drilling site.


2 Responses

  1. Drilling near residential homes are a bad idea. i can only cause trouble to both the homeowners and the company. not only it is noisy but the cost if something happens to the houses is very big.

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