Bulgaria may restart shut nuclear unit: PM

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Sofia. Bulgaria might be forced to restart a nuclear power reactor it shut in 2006 if the cut-off in Russia gas supplies drags on, Prime Minister Sergei Stanishev said on Monday, Reuters reports.
The Balkan country, one of the hardest-hit in the Moscow-Kiev gas price dispute, has been able to cover the rise in power demand as many consumers switched to electric heaters and does not need additional power capacity for now, Stanishev said.
“We have informed the European Commission that if the gas crisis continues we would be faced with a situation where we would need to restart one of the shut nuclear reactors,” he told parliament which held an extraordinary meeting over the gas cut.
Stanishev referred to two 440-megawatt Soviet-era units at Bulgaria’s only nuclear power plant, Kozloduy.
Sofia closed down the two reactors at the end of 2006 as a condition to becoming a European Union member. Kozloduy has two remaining reactors at 1,000 MW each.



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