Native Group Asks for $5.4 Billion

Please read article, cited after the quote. Articles open in a new window.

It’s a bold move. Asking the federal government for billions of dollars in taxpayer money to bail out a group of people suffering from the failing economy.

Never mind the fact that, unlike the Wall Street brokers who dug themselves a financial pit and dove in with eyes wide open, this group of aspiring bailout-ees did little to nothing to cause their current economic pains.

Never mind that the last group to win a bailout did so by flying to Washington, D.C., in a fleet of corporate jets they later strategically traded for hybrid vehicles and promises to work for free in the coming year. For those sweet nothings whispered in the ears of federal legislators, General Motors and Chrysler LLC walked away with $17.4 billion.

More at Reznews


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