Waste Spills From a Second TVA Coal-Fired Power Plant

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STEVENSON, Alabama – The Tennessee Valley Authority has had a second waste spill in three weeks at one of its coal-fired power plants.

TVA’s Widows Creek Fossil Plant in northeastern Alabama (Photo courtesy TVA)

A 10,000 gallon leak of process water from the gypsum pond at the Widows Creek Fossil Plant in Stevenson, Alabama was discovered just before dawn this morning. TVA officials say the leak has stopped.

“The leak from the gypsum pond flowed into an adjacent settling pond,” the federal electric utility said in a statement this morning. “Some material overflowed into Widows Creek, although most of the leakage remained in the settling pond.”



Mother Earth and Father Sky Music Festival 2009

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Mother Earth and Father Sky Music Festival 2009

Dooda Desert Rock readies for 2009 music festival

Dear Musicians and Poets,
Photo Youth Climate Movement

If you agree that Mother Earth & Father Sky should not be desecrated, that the health of humans and the environment should not be put at risk, then please accept this invitation to join Dooda (NO) Desert Rock (DDR) and perform at the 2nd Annual Mother Earth & Father Sky Music Festival. This event is scheduled to take place at the DDR Camp in Chaco Rio, NM (35 miles SW of Farmington, NM) on April 4 & 5, 2009; however we may extend the dates to the 2nd & 3rd also, due to the many musicians that want to be a part of this festival. The sooner you let us know if you’ll be performing the better it will be for all of us. We will stop accepting entries as soon as we have a full schedule.
Dooda (NO) Desert Rock Organization is a group of indigenous residents dedicated to stopping the ill-conceived coal-burning power plant (Desert Rock Energy Project) proposed by Sithe Global, LLC corporation, Desert Rock Energy Company, LLC and Dine Power Authority. We believe economic development must not come at the expense of the health of our children, the air we breathe, our sacred land and water, and our way of life. As Navajo people, our work and dedication is centered on the Dine philosophy of Balance, Harmony, Respect and Equality. Our responsibilities are not limited to the four elements of life. We are responsible to all life that encompasses our very existence as humans. We aim to honor our fore-fathers’ teachings and wisdom against all desecrating entities, corporate intrusions, and environmental injustices.
Unfortunately, we do not have the funds to pay musicians; therefore, this is a volunteer event. We believe that our battle ground is your battle field also. We all breathe the same air, we all drink water, and we are all dependent on the precious resources of Mother Earth for our existence. Please support our mission by donating your talents to this public education event.
Please bring your own camping gear, chairs, and eating utensils. Because we will be serving food to all visitors, we appreciate any donations of food, financial contributions, or firewood for this event. All proceeds will go directly towards maintaining a strong voice against any challenge to the Dine way of life.
We thank you for your support and prayers, and we invite each and every one of you to visit our beautiful homeland to see first-hand the assault we are under and the threats we face. We look forward to meeting you at the Camp in April. Traveling together in the time of music and poetry, we will honor our ancestral home and the health of our children’s children.
May you travel in the paths of the corn pollen!
Elouise Brown,
thebrownmachine@gmail.com PO Box 7838, NewComb, Navajo Nation, NM, US, 87455


Indigenous to Obama: Halt Oil Sands demands and development

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Indigenous to Obama: Halt Oil Sands demands and development

The Indigenous Environmental Network and Rainforest Action Network produced this statement in response to a lobby effort in Washington DC by Treaty One Chiefs of Manitoba regarding the Enbridge Alberta Clipper and the TransCanada Keystone Project. In this communication you will find our press statement that focuses on providing an Alberta First Nations perspective on the issue, as well as the advisory that was sent out by Treaty One Chiefs of Manitoba on December 31, 2008. Please distribute this to your lists far and wide.
Clayton Thomas-Muller


Indigenous Message to Obama to Issue a Presidential Order to Halt All Processes for Approval of the Expansion of Oil Sands Pipeline Infrastructure Entering the United States and to Support Alberta First Nation Chiefs Demand to Canada for a Moratorium on all Expansion of Canadian Tar Sands Development.
Clayton Thomas-Muller, IEN Tar Sands Campaigner cell 218 760 6632
Eriel Deranger, Rainforest Action Network Tar Sands Campaigner, Member of Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation (ACFN) cell 587 785 1558
Tom Goldtooth, Executive Director, Indigenous Environmental Network cell 218 760 0442

By IEN and Rainforest Action Network

OTTAWA, Canada – First Nation Chiefs from northern Alberta Canada are not able to attend the January 8 event in Washington, D.C. The Chiefs, elders and youth representatives of Fort Chipewyan, Alberta Canada are experiencing firsthand the assault of unsustainable energy development that has destroyed their environment and subsistence lifestyle that has sustained them since time immemorial. This energy development is called the tar/oil sands development, that has been called the “Worlds’ Most Destructive Project on Earth.” A large portion of Canadian oil coming to the United States is extracted from the oil sands at a tremendous cost to the environment, water, and climate change and infringing on the aboriginal rights of First Nations people downstream of the tar sands development zone. The First Nations living in the energy sacrifice zone of the tar sands wanted to stand in solidarity with other Chiefs from Canada’s First Nations traveling to the U.S. capitol to seek the support of President Elect Obama in their fight for human rights.
It is with prayer and with strong hearts that all First Nations and American Indian and Alaska Natives are asking President Elect Obama to take action that recognizes the sovereign Indigenous nations in Canada and the USA whose inherent rights are being violated. The Canadian government continues to fail to recognize its responsibility and duty to consult with the Indigenous frontline communities that lay directly within the path of destruction involved with the extraction, processing and transportation of fossil fuels in Canada, including its exportation of dirty high carbon oil to the U.S. In February of 2008 all 43 First Nation Alberta Chiefs signed a resolution requesting a moratorium on all new tar sands permits. However, the province and the federal government continue to grant approvals for new expansions in the area.

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Protest: Non-Indian holds Pyramid Lake Paiute cultural items hostage

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Editor’s note- This was a very important place and issue for Corbin Harney, Spiritual Leader of the Western Shoshone, passed over July 2007, gregor

Protest: Non-Indian holds Pyramid Lake Paiute cultural items hostage

Good afternoon,

My name is Wayne Burke, member of the Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe.

Attention Holymen, Warriors, Dancers and all our neighbors from all cultures, races, and religious backgrounds who support Indigenous Rights and Native Resistance.

The Pyramid Lake Tribal Governing Body entered into a 10 year lease agreement (during a previous tribal administration) with Thomas Bobella, owner of High Desert Recreation. The lease pertains to the Sutcliffe Marina and surrounding property.

However, the lease does not give Thomas Bobella the right to have in his possession Tribal artifacts, and sacred cultural items that belong to the Paiute Tribe. He is using Our Tribal artifacts and sacred items as “bargaining chips.” He and his staff have no right to handle, or have in their possession sacred cultural items. It is my concern these items are being mishandled, sold, and or given away by “outsiders.”

Mr. Bobella’s disrespect and discrimination of Tribal Members is unacceptable. Mr. Bobella has refused services to some Indians, and has directed Tribal Elders and Tribal Leaders to vacate “leased property.”

The Paiute Tribe has the rights and freedoms to peaceably assemble, the freedom to roam, pray and worship on OUR HOMELANDS. These rights and freedoms did not come for free, Our Ancestors and Elders fought hard to secure Our Nation.

The lease agreement was a poor decision, however both parties should honor the agreement and terms and conditions of the lease.



Protest Rally: Sat., January 17, 2009 from 11:00am to 12:00pm, at the Sutcliffe Marina. Protestors and Supporters will meet above the Marina Parking lot and march to the protest site. Any questions, call Wayne Burke @(775) 232-1764
email: onetomtomtwo@hotmail.com
website: http://www.holymenwarriorsdancers.com/
Photo: Pyramind Lake Tribe website


Worldwide Whopper controversy

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For many of us in the advertising and technology business, a blog spike can be a good sign! A REALLY good sign. It tells us that we might onto something.

The blog spike occurs typically after a product launch or announcement, when bloggers pick up the story and start writing about it.

As you can see here (Technorati graph to the left) there has been a significant blog spike with the tag “Whopper” since the launch of the new Whopper Virgins campaign which kicked off around December 1st.


San Carlos honors Geronimo’s courage, spirituality and intellect

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The San Carlos Apache Tribe will hold a series of special events honoring the 100th Anniversary of distinguished Apache leader Geronimo “Goyaale’” who was born on June 16, 1829 and died on February 17, 1909.

Geronimo was a war leader of the Chiricahua Apache who fought against Mexico and the United States for their expansion into Apache tribal lands for several decades. One may question why the San Carlos Apache Tribe is initiating the honoring of Geronimo?

After all, he was not a San Carlos Apache. Chairman Wendsler Nosie and the Tribal Council know that leadership is taking on a challenge in order to make what could be a negative into a positive.


American Indian drug program offers alternative treatment

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After 30 days of in-patient treatment, he started to think the same things over and over.

Finish treatment. Please the court. Go back to doing whatever he wanted.

Franklin Oldman, 29, was a month into a substance abuse program when he wanted to leave. He was court-ordered to attend a 12-week program after being charged with a DUI in December 2007.